05 December 2005

The weekend is gone, and I got very litle of what I needed to do done. I am more than a little cross about that.

Everytime I tried to get my room cleaned up, laundry done, or just a bit of privacy, someone would insist on dispensing the pleasure of their company with me, and as a consequence, I am more behind than I was last week.

My roommate's mother is staying until Tuesday night-a good thing, since the weather is wet and not a little wild until then-and she is happily busy cleaning the apartment. Roomie's part anyway. Nice thing really, one can see the colour of his bedroom carpeting now, and the mountain of his laundry that once occupied a good portion of the dining room area is very nearly gone.

Gods, I wish I had her energy! She could bottle it and be an instant trillionaire! She is a handsome woman, fun, gregarious and vibrant. We were in the Wal-Mart grocery and a good looking man about my age tried to pick her up. I stood, hand to mouth, watching the two of them flirting easily, wishing I could be so easy and graceful. The man seemed to glow as he bantered with her, she does that for people.

I am glad for everyone that she came up to visit. Fiancee seems a bit put out, and there is an interesting small turf war going on; but mainly Fiancee seems more intent on claiming her "soon-to-be-a-daughter-in-law" rights and position. She puts her chair close to Mum's; ignores anyone else in the area; and generally tries to cement her place in Mum's affections. As I said, an interesting spectacle. As I went to bed last night I overheard Fiancee loudly decry the unfairness of her schedule that will not permit her to spend Tuesday-Entrare's only day off this week-with Entrare and his mother.

I can understand that. I can also find it a blessing that I am no longer in a position of having to make myself acceptable to an unknown potential mother-in-law. Poor Fiancee, she has my complete sympathy! She is fortunate in that Entrare's mother is one class act, and not the shrew my (thank-you God, Jesus, Joseph, Mary and all the saints and angels that MaryAnne is my ex-M-I-L!) ex-mother-in-law was.

I did get some of my ordinary weekend errands run, and in the process found a splendid "clearance table" treasure at the fabric store. Actually, I found several treasures-Butterick patterns were a dollar each with a five packet limit. So I got some great new patterns and some lovely suede cloth at a fantastic price. Happy, happy.

I also got a case of paper towels, and filled my gas tank for the week ahead.

But I did NEED to clean the carpet in my room-badly. Oh my stars I need to unload this wretched dog! Still no takers. It causes no little resentment in my heart. I got into bed at a nicely reasonable hour, and then from about 0100 had to fight the dog for cot space. He would wait until I fell back to sleep and climb back on the cot. I would wake, knock him off with a gentle foot prod and angry "GET OFF!!" whisper.

The cycle repeated until I finally couldn't get back to sleep around 0315. I got up. Naturally the dog is lying innocently on his rug-"What, me? I've been here on this rug since 2230 last night! Why ever are you up at this hour?! But since you are up, could I have a spot of water?"


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