15 March 2009

I'll probably be offline for a while, a case of frugalalty vs spending the money to have it take over 30 minutes for McAfee to permit my computer to boot-hmmm, hard choice, right?

I plan to use the library a lot but not to go online, I don't think. So, if you want to get a message to me, you'll need to contact someone who knows f2f where and how.

To my son, this is not a drill, get outta there, and if you leave the 'tude there, you and yours are welcome here. It ain't paradise, but then what is, right?

Things are just so bad now, and it would be nice to have family around, but, well, you know. I love you son, always have.

I'm hoping we have about another year of things limping along before it gets really, really bad, once it gets really really bad then travel will be so difficult you may not be able to get here.

I was also hoping I was wrong, but we know how that turned out. Everything I said would happen did, is, or is looking clearly as though it is about to, so if you're coming now would be the best time.

Your birthday is in two weeks, and I wish I could be with you, I wish you wanted me there.

To the rest, fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride.

I bought seeds today, hope I get to plant and then harvest them.

Take care, hope to see you on the the other side of all this.