06 December 2005

I need to go to the doctor, and have a complete physical, which in turn will lead to several prescriptions and treatment programs. I am in not-so-good shape.

I usually give a bitter laugh when I hear some innocent (or self-righteous prig, depending) proclaim "Well, why don't they just go to the doctor, they have programs for the un-insured!"


The programs I've run into consist of "Gee, we don't accept the un-insured, try the county hospital." At the county hospital, the ONLY way one can get to see a doctor is to crawl in through the ER door, although one does get a better if albeit only a little less lukewarm response if one is carted through by a team of paramedics.

So, since Crusty cut off my insurance to punish me for not being willing to put up with his 'antics' I have not seen a doctor, and I am slowly crumbling.

Knowing I am not alone doesn't help one damn bit, since it strips any hope of a better future from me, and pisses me off to think that the basics of a decent life can be so casually squashed by the greedy sort that think themselves fine examples of 'the fittest.'

Yesterday at work one of the part timers and I commiserated about the state of the world's affairs, and I mentioned Crusty's motto of "Survivial Of The Fittest." She snorted, and quipped, "Survival Of The Richest" and as I drove home last night I reflected on that. She is right. It is.

Which really and truly TOTALLY pisses me off.

Define Fittest, please.

No wonder the psalmists begged God to show himself.

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