22 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, and yes I'm gutted I'm going to miss watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Again. Sigh. I will now stop moaning about how Thanksgiving should be celebrated over here with the same gusto as in the USA. I will not even mention my mild contempt at the 'black Friday' sales going on over here despite not having what I think of as the obligatory Thanksgiving Day nor will I mention how things have changed 'over there' and that's mostly down to WalMart deciding to keep stores open on Thanksgiving.

I will however mention how Thanksgiving (and Christmas and Easter for that matter) used to be the one of three days NOTHING was open ANYWHERE except one 'convenience-filling station' that did most of its business income making tins of Blue Lake green beans, Cool Whip Topping, and a filled fuel tank available to poorly prepared celebrants. For the most part, owing to my step-mother's poor housekeeping, there was always a run to the 7-11 for something and I used to marvel at the quiet, deserted streets. The WalMart Affect (yes, I AM using that correctly) meant busier and busier streets early in the day instead of the quiet streets that didn't really 'come alive' until later in the afternoon when drivers making their escape from the in-laws dinner gathering had to dodge footballs (gridiron not 'soccer') and the players chasing said balls.

Onwards and upwards...

Up early this morning to bake the gluten free apple pie (tinned pumpkin pie filling being scarcer than hens teeth over here) - first make the pastry crust then peel and pare the apples...house smelling wonderful as it bakes, I must say, and Paul has poked his head through to announce the aroma has made him hungry for an apple pie breakfast. Not. Happening. He can have his usual porridge, fruit, and buttered toast.

After digging through the shed, the Christmas decorations and 'premium most realistic' Balsam Hill 4ft Royal Blue Spruce have been unearthed and brought into their waiting position in the front hall to be put up/out after dinner. (Still marvelling at the Tardis qualities of this cottage - how can so small a house be blessed with such a superb design we have a front hall comfortable enough to put five large plastic boxes and a 'deluxe' faux tree storage bag down yet leave enough room to pass easily, how?!)

DVDs also fished out and waiting on the sideboard to be played.

Despite everything (Brexit betrayal thanks to the beyond incompetent-bordering on treasonous 'Prime Minister' and 'Cabinet', other huge 'social issues' like the horrific violence down in London...), we do have so much to be thankful for. I just wish I could work out how to stream the Macy's parade. Sigh.