23 November 2017


I love living in the land of my ancestors. Great Britain is, well, great, especially since the Brexit vote won the day and we are seeing off the silly (and infuriating, frankly) and embarrassing insistence on the part of some Britons to call themselves 'European'. I mean, really - how does a Briton even begin to think they're 'European'?!

I remember one delusional fool back in the mid-90s telling me he was 'European'. Gag, he said it as though being European was some sort of achievement. So, my reply came fast and scathing - 'No you're not, you're English!'.

I lost my respect for him that day but on consideration I suppose the embarrassing git couldn't help it - he was born in 1962 and was brought up in an EU controlled Britain - so EU controlled even school curriculum was and is slanted towards the EU 'values' Brussels is now in the process of forming an army to enforce. No, really, Brussels is no longer content with NATO (well, no surprise there as the EU hasn't paid the full monies due in yonks - clearly they think if they form their own armed military force they won't have to pay past or future dues). Meh.

Any road, it is 23rd November 2017 and the USA is celebrating Thanksgiving. Macy's staffers are finishing up the last chores to be done before the balloons can be sent down NYC streets. In Alabama my son and grandson are STILL working out where they'll roast the turkey (sigh). In California my daughter is still in bed but will be up in an hour or so to bake another pie before putting her turkey in the oven.

I'll be telephoning over at pre-arranged times. Part of me wishes I had Sky telly so I could watch the parade. Part of me wishes the 'turkey' going in my oven this afternoon was a real turkey instead of a premium fat hen from the local butcher. Turkey isn't sold here until the first week of December - and sometimes not until the second week. Oh yes, I could buy LAST YEAR frozen turkey 'crown' (breast, sometimes with giblets but usually not, and no wishbone, either!). Ick. The fat hen combined with stuffing and a generous dollop of cranberry sauce serves (pun intended).

As Libby's Pumpkin Pack is not on the supermarket shelves here, pumpkin pie is a bit harder to manage. Apple pie is ok but I REALLY MISS PUMPKIN PIE AND EXTRA CREAMY COOL WHIP TOPPING. Really, really, really miss that.

I miss all the real trimmings of an American Thanksgiving - family, and food preparation chaos ('Wht do you mean you haven't ironed the table cloth yet??!!'), and the parade on the telly, and yes, today I do miss college football (American gridiron, thanks). 

And while I'm on it, I am bloody sick and tired of hearing all the Yank bashing here about how 'Americanisms' are taking over Britain (although, erm, Black Friday sales, here, wth? We don't have Thanksgiving, why do we have 'Black Friday' sales??!!). Really, really, really sick of it.

Today I miss America. Warts and all. It's not perfect. But neither is GB - honestly if I have to hear one more Trump bash combined with one more moan about how horrifying the Brexit win was/is/always will be, I'll be hard pressed to remain polite, smile, nod, and drift away from anyone so bloody pig ignorant as to think having Brussels overlords is desirable.

Meh. Meh. And triple meh!