28 March 2010

Just a quick update:

Horrid Christmas, lonely.

New Years a bit better, a forum friend gave me a small (ha!) dog she'd rescued from the road in front of her home about two hours north of me. The dog is doing quite well, a runt Boxer/Lab mix. Mozart and Gonzo are adjusted well too, although Gonzo takes a bit too much delight in pretending to be frightened-I think she is trying to get Gracie (the dog) into trouble. Now I scold Gonzo, and the game has lost it's appeal, lol!

I worked for the Census Bureau from just before Christmas to the last week of Feb, nice while it lasted.

My son turned 28 day before yesterday-I've not seen him since Easter 2006. It hurts too much to think about. I emailed his friend but haven't heard anything back, I heard from the friend just before Thanksgiving that Fox is OK, guess I'll have to go with that. Son, if you ever read this, I love you, and I wish you were here. I've left a light on...

Hopefully my next update will be to tell any one who might be watching the blog that I've found a real job-one that doesn't shred the soul, and returns something positive to the world.

Till then, if you're looking for me you can find me at the Lifeaftertheoilcrash.net Doomer Forum. We are on the accelerated downhill slide now folks. The economy is in irreparable tatters, and the ship is sinking. Every day brings a news item regarding the latest outrage or impending climate doom.

We ARE so monumentally screwed!