11 December 2005

Oh no, it isn't really after 0100, is it?? But it is, and I have to look at my list, ticking off what I got done today to achieve a sense of satisfaction...

I stopped in on a couple of blogs I had bookmarked. Distressingly, one simply said-"No more.." The writer has serious health issues. She is in my prayers. If you are willing, please add her to your prayers as well. I think she really needs them.

Then I stopped in at what has to be the best blog on the site-"Job's Tale." The writer has recently lost a dear friend to cancer, and the eulogy the writer posted in his friend's honour is a work of ministry-it speaks to the wonder of fellowship better than anything I have read in a long while.

We need fellowship with likeminded souls, affirming communion with physical presence. This strengthens us to face the daily battle against the insidious whispers of the Enemy.

I've started giving a evening train station ride to one of my younger co-workers. He is hip, a dancer with a non-profit company. He was preparing for an audition, and I wished him well out loud, while reminding him that we seem to be living in especially perilous times; the Enemy is a predator, sensing joy or hope as a shark does blood. I rejoiced when he agreed whole heartedly with my comments about the Enemy.

I try not to force my opinions on people although I am not 'politically correct' enough to keep God out of natural speech. I will however, not only refrain from bringing up my faith in God's everlasting love and mercy to us if present company is offended by it, but will remove my offending faithful presence from those who take umbrage at it.

I strive to live the Ten Commandments, because they are the Law from God's hand; because the Christ said-"I come not to abolish the law but to uphold it."

This seems to be a great offense to some who find the Law an inconvenience. They must find God, His plans, His hopes for our ultimately choosing to act on our best behaviour, His love, a great inconvenience as well.

Pesky fellow, that God, expecting one to choose right over wrong! Doesn't he know we are animals, incapable of self-restraint?? Why, we are drive, creatures of instinct, and everyone knows that when an animal learns to overcome his instincts he is doomed to extinction!

Say "Sophistry." Come on, say it. Now, look it up.

Don't feel foolish-it is only a mistake if you refuse to learn from it. Yes, I learned that one from God.

I distinctly recall Him saying "Life can and should be fair. I've given you a set of rules that make it not only easy for you to be fair and be treated fairly, but is so well (after-all, I am God) thought out that by them you will be able to discern who is not interested in fairness for anyone.

I also keep "As you did to the least of these..." second in my heart only to the witness of St. Matthew when he writes that the Christ summarized the Law by teaching: "You must love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, body, and soul, for He alone is the Lord, there is no other! And the second is this-you must love your neighbour as yourself!"

Profound. Simple. Profoundly simple.

And perfect.

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog and here.

    I find it so refreshing to see that the internet has opened up s that it is more than a repository of information and a source of porn. It is becoming a place of community as well.

    There are a lot of people writing blogs that are far from politically correct and I love seeing what the Lord is doing through them.

    Many of them link to my blog (and I reciprocate), creating an atmosphere of "corporate worship".

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a piece of yourself there for others to share.


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