19 December 2005

After reviewing what I'd published, I realized I was not quite finished expressing my outrage at Fiancee's wretchedness.

Unfortunately, Roomie knocked, and asked me to explain to him what was going on. I told him how I felt, and then he asked me why I had to make a scene in front of his mother.

After I pointed out that I was not the one who'd made a scene-Fiancee was-I told him I would find another place to live.

Fiancee is the one who made the scene. I was trying to stay out of it by going to my room. Fiancee was the one who made a point of pouting in front of the Mum because I wouldn't come out, and making sure Mum and Roomie thought I was being mean to her.

Back-up a moment. When I told Roomie his mother had left a message on the machine that she was lost, and Fiancee distinguished herself yet again, they left to go find Roomie's mother.

While they were gone, I got the last of my things together, and headed for the hoped for safety of my room.

Fiancee scratched at my door-GODS I HATE THAT!! Why the bloody hell can't that miserable piece of work knock like a normal person??-and I ignored her.

So she went out to the living room, and apparently informed everyone that I was being difficult.

After a while Roomie came out to the balcony and knocked on the glass door, I told him I was busy with a piece of research I'd been looking for the last two years-I am writing my thesis on the disenfranchisment of the global middle class-went to the living room for a minute and tried to be polite while Drama Princess Fiancee stood glowering and sulking in the corner. After a few minutes I gave it up and returned to my room.

So, I'm the bad guy. Of course, since the little drama princess could not possibly be in the wrong.
Excuse me, she makes a scene, and I am the bad guy?


No, not right. If Roomie wants to put up with her, that is his business. However, I don't have to be around her, I don't think I should have to be anything more than "Hi...Good-bye" around her.

I am the roommate, not the mom, the aunt, or anything else.

I am more than a little pissed that in the end really, her problem is that I am not interested in being part of her audience.

Or is it more? Being so dishonourable as she is, could Fiancee be ascribing the same lack of virtue to ME??????? Could she have finally figured out how utterly contemptible I find her, and is afraid that I will 'out' her to Roomie? Did she cause a scene in hopes that I would be asked to move out before I could, thereby eliminating the possibility that she would be revealed?

Ya know, for such an old broad, I can be incredibly dense.

DUH! Of course she did. Crikeys, poor Roomie, I can see where this mess is going.

The ironic part, to use my roommate's favorite preface, is that he knows what a horror she is, and loves her anyway. He loves her.

There is no way I would or could try to come between them. I am such a softie when it comes to love.

I just can't stand her, don't want to be around her, and hope to God that if they make it to a wedding day, that they will accept my lame excuse to miss it.

As I wish they had accepted my frankly true and quite good excuse this evening. Damn it all, I HAD been looking for this bit of information. Trust a bullying crashing bore like Fiancee to make a scene because I refused to be part of the audience while she enacted the charming scene of 'happy family' with Roomie and his mum. Gag, the thought of it is still making me sick.

I am going to have to have a little discussion with the silly little bitch.

WHOA!! No sooner had I typed that then the phone rang.

I looked at the caller ID-it was her, so I picked up, and told her to pay attention-I was not impressed that she'd caused a scene and then tried to blame me for it, I am not interested in causing her any trouble, please don't cause me any-say hi, I'll say hi and go to my room, just leave me alone. Now, hang up and call back to talk to your fiancee.

If she is really as smart as she thinks she is, she will finally behave, Roomie will have peace-sort of poor guy-and she'll get what she wants, which is to make my Roomie miserable without interference from anyone with half the brains God gave grapefruits.

I miss the 5th and 18th centuries. We knew how to deal with crashing bores back then.

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