10 December 2005

Catch-up Weekend commences.

So far this morning I have updated my computer to my satisfaction, and it now is humming along beautifully. I've organized my favorites folders, and that is a great help to me as I go along learning how to survive as an anachronism. Hey, try being a 5K year old woman in these most perilous of times-NOT A JOKE-and no trifling matter, I assure you! I need all the help I can get.

A SIDEBAR MOMENT: Last night Roomie introduced me to a co-worker of his, and my new acquaintance asked if I too indulged in the medieval re-enactment lifestyle. (Roomie and very nearly all of his friends-Fox included-are heavy into it.) I could barely keep from laughing.

After work I was too starved to grocery shop/cook/clean. So immediately after ascertaining Fiancee was stuck at work (ergo A-Roomie was available because-B-Fiancee would not require Roomie's undivided attention until after she got off;) I forced Roomie to drop what he was doing, and come out with me to dinner.

After inhaling a huge steak I really couldn't afford but did anyway, Roomie asked if I would drive him to his place of employment, where he could purchase a few needed items to finish his current personal home improvement project.

ANOTHER SIDEBAR MOMENT: Roomie's idea of what consititutes an appropriate home improvement project differs from mine, mine being fixing the carbon monoxide detector and installing a new towel bar in the guest powder room. Roomie's ideas primarily include activities such as tweaking the home network system to enable all to play online video games and view downloaded movies from not only the computers, but from the TV in the living room as well.

Being Roomie's roomie is rather like dying and going to dog heaven. He is something of a nut, but then so am I, and he has the added grace of being completely uninterested in me sexually or romantically-and I am the same towards him. It makes for a non-tension filled atmosphere that is truly wonderful. Despite the age difference he is mature enough to 'get' certain things without that tedious requirement of explainations and definitions. Living here is quite like living with one's adult nephew.

Next up as a home improvement project from Roomie, no doubt, will probably be enabled TVs in the bath:) I am seriously beginning to see a distinctly 'former life as a Roman engineer circa third century B.C.' streak in Roomie. And I am certainly in a position to recognize such...

So I got to see where my roommate makes his walking around money and meet some of his co-workers. And stifle the urge to convince Roomie's co-workers that I am every bit the loon he is, without the 'saving grace' of being techno-competent. Sigh. No-one wants to have fun anymore...

I also got a look at the new Dunwoody Downtown Project-WOW!! I found myself wishing I could afford one of the apartments going up over a charming re-creation of small-town USA Main Street shopping districts. I am looking forward to exploring on foot come spring.

The weather outside is PERFECT, especially to someone like me, who has been trapped in the heat of SouthEast Alabama for so long. I need to get moving on my weekend projects though, so that I can continue to enjoy this marvelous-to me-weather. My knees get so cold I can't walk.

Last weekend, while on the North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall jaunt, I looked for calf-length overcoats but couldn't find any. Good thing, since I couldn't have afforded one even at those prices, but still, it would have been nice to save my sewing efforts for office wear.

However, I have warm overcoat fabric, a perfect pattern, and my sewing machine-this weekend I start a simple coat that I am hoping to be able to wear the upcoming week. I deliberately chose a simple pattern with few seam lines, to make the garment quickly available.

Plus I have laundry, room organizing, grocery shopping, purse sorting, dog clean-up...


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