25 July 2009

Certified insane, I should be really.

I just signed off on the papers for the Tin Shack-it is now mine after a meager $2500 paid out over 20 months (on top of the lot rent).

I'm going to run a photo copy of the paperwork and have a little mortgage burning party. The guest list will consist of me, the cats, and maybe the mobile home community manager, and of course the guy I bought the Tin Shack from.

Feels weird, I am a home owner again. Oh S*IT! What have I got myself into this time???

I'd done some reno, cosmetic, I assure-now comes the hard part! Now it becomes quite, very, seriously, serious.


Level 1968 Commodore 10x48 trailer (why call a sow's ear anything less?) and raise to 2'6" for service access (why make it hard for any repair person who has to climb under there?)

Install moisture/vapour barrier underneath, repair underbelly

Replace skirting (some metal, some cinder block) with all cinder block-remember the vents and service access) face with 'levelstone' look rock

Replace roof (including trusses) then build freestanding roof-over to extend out from front of house 8'

Rewire, replumb, running the wire and plumbing along interior walls

plumbing where baseboard hits wall

electric along chair rail height:

place outlets at same height-I'm not getting any younger

add dedicated circuits for heat and air, computer, entertainment center,
bath and stove vents-both to vent to outside

plan all electrical work to have 'at exit' shut-off switch to cut off all
but climate control and refrigeration to prevent phantom power use and
fire hazards

NOTE TO SELF: SCREW in cover panels to create easy access for (gulp) repairs

Pull wall paneling, replace insulation, install US made sheet rock

Replace all windows with insulated windows

Build functional exterior shutters (board and batten style)

Replace both doors, peepholes only-no windows!!

Move privet foundation plantings to make room for 6'x40' screened/covered veranda

Paint exterior: light-medium grey with white trim


Replace entire ceiling system through-out house

Build corner entertainment center between back and side windows:
4'Hx12"D book shelves from back window frame to corner, expand for components
at corner then back to 4x12 under side window to front end of frame

2'Hx8"D cd/dvd storage atop bookcases between both window frames

Build office area between kitchen counter edge in LR to kitchen side edge of back
window frame:

6'Hx12"D with center pull-out keyboard and mouse tray

louvered door for center monitor and keyboard area

Replace kitchen counter eliminating curved counter (eats up too much LR floor space)

Replace kitchen sink eliminating weird angle

Install small 'diamond' positioned window over kitchen sink

Install Premier 21" range (made in USA, does it get any better?)

Install Edgestar countertop dishwasher with dedicated plumbing in extra space left from losing the huge existing range

Install smallest possible sidexside fridge-NO icemaker or water dispenser

Finish pantry area flanking front window by getting the high gloss black chicken wire and high gloss white lath doors on '6Hx19"Wx8"D and 6'Hx24"Wx12"D pine cabinets already there; mug hooks for mugs and potholder collection

Install 30"D pecan or walnut stained eating counter at windowsill height between the two pantries flanking the window

Install 8"D shelf across top of window frame between pantries

Install top loading washer/dryer combo in utility room

Replace old tub with walk in/glass door shower stall

Replace that completely horrid vanity with slim vessel or pedestal sink-NOTE TO SELF: find installer without attitude to install new sink, damn I am tired of hearing men bitch about installing specialty sinks!

Tear out existing closet in bedroom, replace with a unit stretching across entire back wall extending no more than 24" from wall. Leave existing window (which will have been replaced with insulated one) and use area under window as drawer area.

Yeah, that oughta do it.

Oh jeez!