26 October 2008

The situation has become quite dire, and grim is not an overstatement-the government and the Wall Streeters have finally caught on. Please do not bother looking at the mainstream news media unless you already know how to search the back pages. Check out not so mainstream news media outlet-Google Drudge Report, Life after the Oil Crash; hell, Google TEOTWAWKI, that oughta cover ya.

(BTW, have you noticed that right about the time the average Joe figured out the real news is buried on page 14 on the bigger newspapers, the newspapers went online and you all of a sudden couldn't find anything worth more than bathroom paper at the local newsstands? 'Coz it's just so much easier to bury stuff online than it is on the hard copy...)

OK, Junior, it's Mom here, and I want you to know that Ed and Chris both know how to find me should you decide you want to bug your little family the hell outta there. I've got a little bit of a doomstead going on up here, and could frankly use your help getting the last few things done-the renting near neighbours have for the most part bugged out and I'm sitting here with the locals, whose children are straggling in in larger numbers every day-it hurts and simultaneously warms my heart to see them reuniting and forgetting past problems in face of the economic collapse that is probably gonna hit week after next.

Then it will get bad, really bad, son, and I hate to think of the three or four of you walking from there to here. (Your babymama knew this was coming and I hoping/praying with all my heart she is begging you to get up here...I told her years ago that I would make room for you all no matter how pissed I am, and I'm hoping that she remembers that part about no matter how pissed.)

I so very badly wanna be wrong, and who knows, I may be off by a few months (OH PLEASE GOD, PLEASE!!)but son, it is coming, and where you are living is going to be hit so hard-of that I am completely certain, and I am not alone in this. As I wrote above, everyone is catching on, and that is a good and bad thing.

Good that people are waking up, bad that real panic is probably only a few days out, and I really do not want to think about your little son out there on the road as you make your way north during a time of extreme civil unrest.

I am hoping the bailout buys us more time, but...

Forgive me for sounding like a nagging mom, but Fox, HURRY!

PS-Frye, you too if you need/want to...bring yer gear.