26 February 2006

Roomie went down to Dothan yesterday to pick up his mother's SUV-the current plan is that we load his excess and drive back down next weekend, and then drive mine (hehe) up.

I am going to need my things-I am looking at an apartment that is next to perfect for me. It is time to move, Roomie and Fiancee are probably getting married sooner rather than later, and I am fairly certain they will need their privacy.

I know that I will enjoy being able to smoke in my room, or the living room, for that matter...

Amoung other things.

I got a lot of clearing up done today, but no sewing. Still, the clearing up wanted doing rather badly. I actually found the things I was looking for-a sure sign that I am semi-organized.

What, me worried? :)

Between tidying I checked all the usual news sites-worse and worser, sorry to have to say.

Nimrod would like you to think God made the work on the tower go south-but Nimrod always was an idiot (pun intended, of course).

God would never so divide His children by creating language barriers, nor would He find fault with aspirations to reach Heaven however misguided. I mean, how have you missed that He would take it as a sign of potential that we wanted to get there, somehow. Try at least to recall that Nimrod (poor fool) preceded Jesus, and from there (jeez, do ya need a road map AND written directions?? OK...) you can probably figure out that God was so inspired by the effort of Nim' and crew that he got serious about sending the Chosen One.

Nope, sorry Nim'-but ya gotta fess up-YOU built the tower of babel...I deliberately did not capitalize the words, BTW...

See, it is a sort of blasphemy to claim God needs to work in mysterious or deleterious ways.

Kinda like the blasphemy of claiming God needs to be glorified.

Trust me, PLEASE!

God is not into His glorification-He is into OURS.

'Night kids...

23 February 2006

I've spent the last day and a half trying to figure out how anyone could so brutally murder a 23 year old man simply because he is Jewish.

I can't.

These are terrible times.

Monsters walk. Monsters who think they are stronger and better because they are willing to be brutal.

They roll in their brutality like a dog does three day old fish heads. Revolting.

They think when the dust settles, they will be in charge, and that so called weaklings like me, who believe in God and goodness, hope, truth, rightness, will be either their slaves, or dead and out of their way.

I don't think so.

In fact, I know they will not be more than ash as memories, not so much as even cautionary tales.

Did I tell you I worked for Ananias and Saphiras?

Sadder still, did I get it through to you that they haven't changed-are more avaricious than back in the day?

Have you heard the one about Moses and the Prophets?

21 February 2006






A boy is dead because consumate evil chose to raise her sons in hate.

His name was Ilan Halimi and he was murdered by a gang of thugs calling themselves "The Barbarians"; they kidnapped him from the French cell phone store he worked in and tortured him brutally for three weeks, then dumped him barely alive on the side of the road.

He died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

The kidnappers tormented the family with descriptive phone calls and letters-complete with photos of what they were doing to Ilan (including amputations and other mutilations...); insisted they go to their rabbi for the money to save the young man because they knew all Jews are rich.

He was the same age as Fox.

He died because a mother taught her sons to hate.

Her name was Hagar-the foulest name to ever be uttered, and may it now become known for what it is-the very eptiome of what is evil. She stalks-because she taught her sons to hate-prowling like a filthy lion seeking to steal someone else's dinner-consumate evil, a mother who teaches hate.

Most High, you have shown us the way!

Forgive me my need to see the end of your enemies-that I have turned me mine face away from the compassion and hope you hold for those souls!

But oh Papa, I implore you on behalf of all the Foxs, Ilans, Ashleys, Mirandas(-whose light did not go out on that first Holy Innocents after her death, and this you know, my Lord);

I call on you in the name of the covenant you made with us when first we stood and swore-"As for this house, we will serve only the One!" And have we not, Oh God, each generation in turn, stood before You and sworn the same; as often as out feet have, yes, slipped, when we did reach out to Thee, Oh God, did you not forgive, and accept to uphold us?

Arise now, Oh God, and defend us from those who seek to bar that way before us! Deliver us, Oh Lord, from this unspeakable evil that seeks to cause those of us who chose the straight way grievious pain and suffering before they are winnowed and do see their recompense!

Papa! I know Thou art beside, before, and after, Thy Presence an everlasting sanctuary to a heartbroken mother's shattered soul!

But she is no more Job than I.


I ask you this day Most High to reach down Thy hand, to bend near this mother, and tell her heart there are mothers lamenting her loss this day and until the end of time, that she may find strength in knowing still on this world are there souls who walk in flesh whose hearts are shattered at her horrific loss.


18 February 2006

Oh yeah, this one is for FoxsDad, who opted out...

"Here come those tears again,
just when I was gettin' over you;
Just when I thought I'd make it through another night/
without missing you...

Thinking I just might be strong enough after all,
then i hear your footsteps
in the hall-

I can hear you tellin' me/that you needed to be free/and you had some things
to work out

Now you're standin' here telling me/ how you have grown?!

Oooh I don't know if I can/open up enough to let you in...

Here come those tears,
here come those tears again..."

I gave you a son you SHOULD have claimed-did you know he wanted to be a physicist? Do you know he went hungry; do you know he couldn't go to college?

Do you know you are a grandfather?

Do you know how shattered he was to find out you couldn't care less-that he thinks you don't want to know...that he is completely heart-soul broken?

Do you have any clue how very like you he is? That seeing him snaps me in great shards at how much he looks like you, acts like you, thinks like you?

Because he too turned to garbage when his heart was broken, just as you did.

Oh GOD, there is no black deep enough to wear to express my grief at what my son suffers this day!
Coupla thoughts...

It just seems a bit strange that anyone with any sense of common decency could seriously consider doing Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year.

No, actually, frankly it seems really ghoulish-body recovery stopped in December when the money ran out-

So hey, how many bodies are you willing to conga past, hmmm?

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

It seems downright dis-honourable to me that a man with serious health concern(-serious enough to require a pacemaker that essentially failed when he and his running mate won, so you have to wonder what the unhappy stress of the death of the president and Cheney's frighteningly increased stress load would do-) would stay in the game.

Once, a man of honour and true good intentions, would have never run in the first place. He would have graciously declined the offer and cited his heart problems as the reason. He would have promised his full suppport, but would modestly, appropriately, WISELY, said-"No, I really should and could not accept this magnificent offer. I simply do not believe the good people of this fine country need a VP who could drop dead under heavy stress, as I can due to my health condition. No presumed political wisdom could ever outway the need for this country to have a VP standing fully ready to serve in (here he should have exclaimed-"God Forbid") case of something horrifc. This country needs a VP who is in the absolute best of health body and soul, and gentlement, I just do not fill that bill."

Now, that would have been a class thing to do, as my dear old Dad used to say when someone did something honourable, and unexpected.

'Course, Cheney might well have gone on to shoot poor old Dick, OOOOPS, I meant Harry, anyway.

And hey, do you really want a guy a HEARTBEAT away from the Presidency to be a guy with a bad ticker AND an itchy trigger finger?????? Um, not me...

I have loyal friends too, but I doubt they would so magnanimously shrug off buckshot to the face, neck, and chest area, ya know. Which does have the unfortunate effect of making me wonder just what Cheney promised to do "to make it up to..."

The whole time Whittington was on camara I was thinking Dick Whittington...

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Fox, if by some chance you are reading this today-I am so very sorry for all of this pain you are going through. I know today is a hard day for you, and that if you hadn't been told, you wouldn't be in such pain, and I know too, that you blame me for telling you when I found out. Also, I know you don't believe the reason why I didn't figure it out until '98.

OK, I have medical evidence proving my side of the story, if you will just give me a chance; I told you as soon as I found out because I was lied to again and again as a kid, and I swore I would never lie to my kids (except for the usual ones like "of course you are my favourite..."). If I hadn't told you, I feel as though, given your general attitude toward me, that you would still be angry with me.

No-one is perfect. No-one is worthless, unless they choose to be.

You and Bas mean EVERYTHING to me.

I love you.

16 February 2006

Life is 'funny' sometimes. Just as I think I have something figured out...

I signed up with several news services and papers to have a daily headlines edition of their work delivered to my inbox within days of the first booting up of my (first there too, I had never seen the Internet until January of 2004!) computer.

I peruse several national and international feeds.

For a while there I even hoped Al-Jazeera would start offering one, because I like to know what the other guys are saying...

Anyway, (before I digress too far, a habit I have. It can be interesting, but the original thought is lost in the crowd:) this morning I checked my inbox after trying (yet again unsuccessfully-DANG IT) to log into the company health benefits website. For once CNN beat me to the inbox, and I opened the daily shot of sorrow.

OK, here a hopefully brief digression-I am a certified news junkie. I have several reasons for having become one, first and foremost that I pray for the people and places I read about. How can you pray for folks if you don't know what is going on?

The prayers lead to social action-I was listening when God asked Cain where Able was, and when He said through the Christ to love your neighbour. I TRULY believe we are responsible for each other.

So. If your brother's house has been discovered to be slipping into a sinkhole, but you don't know about it because he lives 200 miles from you and has no other way of calling for help besides the public communication system, are you then not responsible for monitoring the publice communication system?

And then, after you get your brother and his family, and as many of their household goods (so they don't become a public burden in need of re-supply, etc.) out of the danger zone, are you then going to stand by while other's homes slip into the abbyss?

I think not. You are going to go to them and offer your assistances, including the benefit of the experience you have from helping your brother-DUH!

Certes, however, if your offer is declined, you will not force yourself on the person who has rejected for whatever reason your offer-for if you did, you would be like the missionaries who use torture as an acceptable method of bringing 'lost' souls into 'salvation', and doesn't that make you wonder what the newly saved think as they died-"EE-U-OUCH! Oh my stars, I am dying from being racked and dunked and stabbed with the devil's mark finder, and now they are going to burn me alive but hey, I'm saved! WooHoo! Thanks Father Torquemada and crew!"

Right...No damn surprise to me that so many kids have turned away from 'salvation' and I know Jesus weeps.

OK! I did it again! Sorry, but it was kinda interesting, right? Uh, right??

Back to this morning...So I open CNN's daily, and scroll slowly to the bottom, where I find a headline about Neil Young having made "...the ultimate family movie..." and I am hooked and I click, and my world view tilts just a wee bit, and I am back a hair more in the place I prefer-the land of optimism.

From Neil Young, whose music I too, (see article on CNN website under Entertainment) grew up with, especially Heart of Gold-I was looking for the male version-and the song that even now brings me to tears at the thought of the hook-"Four dead in Ohio..." comes a movie about music that makes one think about maybe turning away from the bitterness that permeats and corrodes one into total negativity. I can't wait to see it.

Once upon a time ago in America protest gatherings were termed riots by the Establishment, and our National Guard called in to enforce 'peace'. Once upon a time ago, four students, some of them not involved with the gathered but merely walking across campus-the ultimate in "wrong place, wrong time"-were shot dead by National guard troops at a college called Kent State.

Lately I had been thinking their lives had been made a vainity,

I hope you, gentle reader, will Google and find out about those four kids who never grew up. I hope what you learn makes you see that today riots are being called protests, and I hope you finally understand the true definition of 'fascism' and how it lead a nation to perdition not so very long ago, and that the learning leads you to a commitment of social action...

Maybe you will find Mr. Young's music, and listen to it, because at the heart of it is hope for his fellow man.

Hope for us, and I thank-you Mr. Young.

Happy day!

15 February 2006

It is getting late on this St. Valentine 2006 night and I should be to bed. I've just finished reading all of the daily e-news I have delivered to the gmail box though, and I am not sure that I would abe able to find sleep all that quickly.

The weekend was interesting-productive, although not of what I thought to have produced by Monday. Still, it saw my living quarters rearranged so as to make sewing some more appropriate business attire easier-I finally went out and bought a folding table to cut and sew on. I have always been too old to cut and sew on the floor:)

Not that I got anything too expensive; I found a 20x48 at Wal-Mart for $25.00, and thought I'd better grab it while it was still on the shelf. It will do the job until I have my own space-as in own apartment-and can bring my household goods up from Deadwood (my little not-so-much-of- joke-as-everyone-who-has-NOT-been-there-thinks-nickname for the town our good Lord saw fit to deliver me from this past October).

A fair portion of the week's end was spent searching the web for a reasonably priced apartment with-in a reasonable commute.

Oh dear....Does anyone know of a nice place, quiet, clean, with modern appliances and a nice washer/dryer cabinet, in a neighbourhood safe enough to walk outside without cover fire for rent? I really am an awfully good tenant...

One of the places I'd thought promising became rather dramatically less promising the morning after I put it on the list-high on the list because it sounded and looked so right-when AJC posted a tragic notice of two bodies being found in the cab of a pick-up truck at the top of the driveway into the complex.

Um, ah, click, and it was 'removed' from consideration.

I am down to two addresses to consider, neither thrill me-I know I shall be sleeping with my gun and Bible.

Once upon a time-yes, in THIS lifetime-I was the co-owner of my home. Completely paid off.

Nothing fancy, point of fact someone once disdained my little house by coming in, looking around, and saying scornfully, "Why this is little better than a crofter's cottage!"

Yeah, well, he was the sort of person that no matter how much he was loved, could still be a rather great ass, and no little snob at that. He has an online bio that calls his late father's medical practice "prestigious" and truth is, I have mostly gone out of my way to avoid the bourgeois social climbing git who use 'prestigious' as though it means something wonderful instead of the pretentious steer dropping that the word really is.

GAG, I cannot abide phonies!

If you are reading this, I ask you to pray for:

Curious Servant and his family-truly they are besieged;

Young Ilan and his family-they live in Israel, 'nuff said?

My son, Fox and his son 'Bas-please. I am physically homeless, Fox and 'Bas are spiritually so just now-a very cold place to be...

My young friend Akbar, who I really think once was W.C. Fields; he is on his way to becoming a teacher so pray he learns well the good art of teaching, and spare a thought for his future students, too:)

My roommate and Fiancee-they are in an especially deep bit of water and need prayer more than ever;

Pray too, please, for all the kids; things are getting worse, and these kids are in so much danger!

And pray for all the law enforcement officers out there, civillian, military, Fed, and yeah, even the spooks.

Pray for the good ones, who lose so many but keep coming after the bad guys any way-pray that their strength and dedication is renewed like the eagle's; pray for the bad ones, that they will be caught, or turn back to what is right, just, good, clean.

Me? I'm just glad to be outta Deadwood.

11 February 2006

I got an email from a not-so-long-although it seemed that way to me-friend two nights ago-catching up has been nice. He says he got my email address by Googling me, then reading it from a post I left on an MSNBC Katrina blog.

WHOA, the 21st century!!

And sadly, he is on his way to Alaska.

I'd envy him if I didn't know there is going to be one hell (pun intended) of a bunch of 'natural' disasters up there any day now.

But who knows, things down along the Gulf don't look too good. A 5+ quake hit the Gulf of Mexico about 10:30 local time last night.

Chris is a truly great guy, and he is planning to finish his education so that he can become a high school teacher.

He'll be a fine one, a superb one really. Chris is the kind of guy the students will quickly make a popular sort of anti-hero of, a guy who will really be able to reach today's kids, and teach them the material. They will never forget him, and will have fond memories of the coolest teacher from high school. They will also never forget the material, the subject he taught; and how surpising their good grades and recall of a subject they would have otherwise have found, like, totally boring will have THEIR kids rolling their eyes at the poor parent waxing nostalgic about that great teacher from their high school days...

If their kid is lucky, he or she will have Akbar for a teacher, too.

You go Akbar. I just wish my grandson could have had you for a teacher.

And, OK, I wish you had fallen in love with a young woman less interested in living where the volcano blows...

"Oh I don't know, I don't know, I don't know where I'm a gonna go, when the volcano blows...

All together now, I don't know, I don't know...

07 February 2006

Mrs. King's earthly remains will be laid to rest later today.

In sharp contrast to her husband's memorials back in '68, the past week has been a lovely and gracious reminder of the lady being interred today; all that anyone has had to say has been glowing and fulsome in praise of one of the last great ladies.

I was driving to work when the news came across the radio that Mrs. King had passed, and I slowly began to cry as I thought about the life she has led since the horrible day Dr. King was murdered.

I thought about her children, close in age to me; I thought about how ladylike she had been and how like Ghandi she was really in her ability to effect profound changes while remaining cool, and gracious.

The widow of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the quintessintial lady and we all, regardless of colour, were inspired by her. 'It' was no act, the lady was a lady all the way, so classy one could not even say "She's a class act." The phrase was too vulgar to use in connection with her.

Truly she was a queen...

I thought that she couldn't possibly be gone, not Mrs. King, why, we need her...

Mrs. King was everyone's mother in the way that JFK, Jr was everyone's brother.

One simply does not understand that mothers, brothers, these too die...

Thank-you for your grace under horrific pressure, Ma'am. Thank-you so much.

We will live the dream in your memory every bit as much as in your husband's.

To the children of Dr. and Mrs. King, I need to say thank-you for sharing your parents with us. I know it has not been easy for you. But I thank-you with all of my heart for it.
Sometimes we worry a little too much.

Sometimes we don't worry enough.

Sometimes the balancing act is a bit like walking the razor edge, and if we think about it all too much, one way or the other, we topple or worse; falling on the sharpened edge.

When I was in school, the first time in this lifetime, trying to please my father and become an FBI agent (before women were more than secretaries in the FBI-poor Pop. He really disliked the late Ms. Friedan, but he sure wanted me to be the new and improved, female version of Elliot Ness:), I learned a saying that has always cracked me up, frankly.

Surely you have heard it before...

You are only crazy if you don't worry that you are.

I wonder...

I become so frustrated, so angry. Lately I catch myself saying things like "This younger generation..." in complete exasperation.

I go into long and windy soapbox derby with myself as the only racer:) I pontificate. Sometimes I find I am 'preaching to the choir' but more often I know I am merely fuming at a brick wall.

I think it may be time to take my mental blood pressure.


04 February 2006

Oh yeah...

GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a firm believer in the Ten Commandments, I some times call them the Ten Simple Rules To Live By. If every person walking around in skin followed those rules most of the problems in the world would never arise.

All of the world's majour religions use some version of the Ten Commandments. The Buddhists call them The Ten Golden Precepts; even a cursory examination makes the similarities clear.

During WWII a Lutheran priest wrote a sort of poem trying to illustrate what was happening. He wrote that when the Nazis came for the handicapped and mentally defective, the protagonist of his piece looked away because it was not his concern. The priest went on through the list of the escalating attacks; the protagonist went on with his justifications as to why he kept silence, until finally the Nazis came for the protagonist-and because he had kept silence as his neighbours were 'disappeared' there remained no-one to speak up for him.

When the surviving Allied troops returned to their homes, most of them said-"Never Again" would forever be their motto.

At the turn of the 19th to the 20th century a young man attending an American Ivy League college philosophy school wrote that when a people fail to learn from their history they doom themselves to a repetition of it's worst, most catastrophic moments.

I have blogged here that I believe in re-incarnation, that I can recall clearly many if not all of my past lives. I have proved it to myself, and I am increasingly frustrated by those who are unwilling to hear me out simply because they are afraid of the truth, afraid of the responsibility of what I am saying being true obligates them to, and utterly unwilling to pull their heads out the sand if doing so results in discomfort.

Not wanting what I say to be true is going to have profound consequences on their long term comfort zones.

God sent you prophets, you murdered them.

Then you suffered the very consequences He sent the prophets to warn of that you might turn away from disastrous courses in time.

Then you reached out your hearts in faith and prayer, and He answered by helping you out of the consequences of your stupidity, because He loves you, and has such high hopes for your ultimate survival and transcendence from rooting swine into something far finer-Man.

He sent you His son; you murdered him, too.

Then you made a cult out of the murdered Christ, deified him, and at the same time created a dogma diametrically opposed to the message he brought. You heard, once again, what you wanted to hear, and although the contradictions in what the Christ taught and what you based your cult on were GLARING and painfully obvious you bought into the contradictions thrust on you by men like Saul of Tarsus, and made the truth a crime. Because the truth scared the hell out of you and threatened your comfort zone. You wanted the excuse that 'it' is too hard, all men are born sinners, and Jesus' blood gave you impunity from obligation to the Law.

People died because of that set of lies, myself included. The fact that I and the rest of us as chose to were permitted to return by the grace of God does not in any way mitigate that wrongness.

In plain fact, that you take advantage of it to continue the murders while calling on the Holy Name is the penultimate breaking of the Third commandment. This being the Life of the Winnowing, I guarantee you will NOT be forgiven the sin this time.

By the way, the word 'penultimate' is one of if not the most mis-used word in the dictionary, and demonstrates the collective willing ignorance permeating the world today.

PAY ATTENTION-Penultimate means NEXT TO LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, go forth and forever use the blasted word correctly!

The world is at war. The war is NOT Islam vs Judeo-Christianity. The war is NOT East vs West.

The world is engaged now in a struggle for it's very existence. The Enemy read his Caesar and knows the way to win his real war against FAITH is to divide to conquer.

Islam is really not all that different from the cult of Christianity that 'rules' today. (OK, Buddhism is sort of and so is Hinduism), essentially Islam and Judeo-Christianity are not all that different, indeed, the religions spring from the same Mosiac/Abrahimic well.

Or did you forget Hagar and her son Ismael?

I think it is time someone said this, and I wonder, who better than someone of the longevity I can rightly claim...Hagar was teaching that poor kid all the wrong things. It is a wonderment to me that Sarai granted her the chance to survive by only turning her out in the desert-not at all far from an oasis, but Hagar was a genuine bitch who though she should have camels and slaves to carry her to it instead of the half day walk she was let down at.

She passed her hate and bitterness to Ismael with breast milk; she stirred it into his whey. What an unworthy savage she was, and so sure of her 'position' as the mother of Abram's firstborn. And that was all that really mattered to her-her position. I promise you there was NO love in her heart for anyone but herself-she didn't give a fig about Ismael save for what his brith brought her. she used that poor child like a club against anyone who didn't kowtow to her. When Issac was born, she trained him to see Issac as the interloper, and she was in a fair way to getting him to murder little Issac. What a hyena, a dog, a bitch in heat for her own self. She only paid attention to Ismael when he responded to the kindness' of Sarai. Abba, that poor little one...

A freed slave, she wanted only to lord it over slaves of her own. A true whore, she squealed like a stuck pig when she was reminded of the laws of the people-her brat would ONLY inheirit as long as the true wife of the lord gave forth no issue. When Issac was born Sarah (I have to keep reminding myself the spelling of her name changed after the visit from the Messengers...) tried to ensure that Ismael would still be given some rights within the clan, but the day she caught Ismael slapping Issac when Issac refused to kneel before him was the day Sarah sent the bitch dog and her whelp packing.

Never will I forget the look of hate on Hagar's face when barely toddling Issac refused to kneel and give obisience to his older half brother. Verily, the intensity I think is what alarmed Sarah; in that moment Hagar was utterly revealed as a would be murderess of young Issac. Consumate evil, a woman who would murder the legitimate son of another to ensure her bastard son's elevation.

"Bastard slips shall not take root..." I was in the chapel the day millenia later when history repeated itself, and Hagar tried again to supplant the rightful heirs for her bastards by the murder of legitimate sons.

Like unto all bitch dogs, Elizabeth had not only Anne and Richard's wee boy killed, but she murdered her own brothers. Clever dirty Betty, she managed to pin it on Richard, too, and to make it look like the wasting sickness with little Edward, Isa, and Anne. I think she made 'good' use of the centuries between the desert and the moors, learning evil that she might have her revenge.

What a waste of breathing air she was, and is, I promise you she has done it again. Not for love of her own child, but for her own agrandizement, I swear it.

To what purpose save revenge-all the while she claims God, and will she not reap the ultimate punishment for the ultimate sin-abusing the gift of free will to spread fear and pain and hate and grief-all for her satisfaction for that day thousands of years ago when she was set down in the desert a scant half day walk from water and a village where she could make a good, quiet, decent life for herself.

The similarities lie in the way both Islam and Christianity use Holy Writ (as spewed mostly by Saul of Tarsus) to justify murder, hate, and genocide. (Hey, if I have to explain The Crusades, The Inquistition, and all the stupid jihads to you, you are in the wrong place and need to do some research before coming back here. I suggest you start with The Torah, The Holy Bible-George Lamsa Aramaic/English translation, not that mess the RC's wrote, although Lamsa was careful not to overly offended the powers that were as he published the translation in the late 1920's/early '30's. and The Holy Quran.)

But the similarities also lie in the way both manage to get the message of peace, goodness for goodness sake, forgiveness...across.

In the name of all that is holy I implore you-WAKE UP NOW!!!!


When it is your time to face Him who sent you, will you be able to answer for so doing?

01 February 2006

This post taken from the website honouring the crew of the Columbia, my additions to the text are in italics.

Please pray for the families of these brave souls today; I am posting this a couple of hours (EST) before the exact moment the shuttle began it horrible disintegration early on the morning of 1 Feb 2003.

STS-107 Crew
The STS-107 crew:

Rick Husband

William McCool

Mission Specialist
Kalpana Chawla

Mission Specialist
David Brown

Mission Specialist
Michael Anderson

Mission Specialist
Laurel Clark

Payload Specialist
Ilan Ramon

When Space Shuttle Columbia broke up during re-entry on Feb. 1, 2003, the STS-107 crewmembers perished. The diverse crew consisted of seven astronauts who took different paths to reach the stars. Visit the Human Space Flight Web's STS-107 Crew Memorial at http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/station/ to learn more about these brave men and women. A statement from the families of the STS-107 crew about the Space Shuttle Columbia accident is available for reading by clicking the link at the site...
this is the way I heard it...

Our Father who art in Heaven, Earth, and all places of thy creation,

holy is thy name!

Let now thy kingdom come that thy will is done on this earth as it done in Heaven.

Truly thee gives us each day that which sustains us;

thou art ever willing to forgive us our trespass;

therefore we strive to be willing to forgive them as does trespass against us.

For thee leads us-

not into temptation...

thee delivers us from evil!

Thine alone is the kingdom of love and honour now and forever-

world without end!

"Hear 'O Israel, he alone is the Lord, our God, there is no other!"
Jesus, Mark: 12