27 December 2005

I enjoyed an amazing Christmas Day! Quietly awesome; it has taken me until now to be able to begin to articulate how wonderous...

I spent the day doing my laundry, tidying my room, and exploring the blogosphere.

I came across several blogs that strengthened my hope in the survival of basic decency; I checked in on the ones I'd found previously, these too bolstered my flagging hope for my fellow man.

I came across one in particular that truly awed me for several reasons.

I have a friend, an Israeli man named Ilan, who sadly was taken from his beloved wife and family a few years ago.

How gracious of God to lead me to the blog of a young Israeli man named Ilan on Christmas Day!

My entire day was filled with graces like this.

Just as I was getting ready for bed my roommate came in from his Christmas visit with Fiancee.

She sent me a package. Long after the lovely thermos and mug she sent me are gone, the beautiful note she enclosed will be a cherished and treasured article tucked up where I tuck those sorts of articles.

She wrote from her heart, and thus pumped a good bit of interest in living back into mine.

Thank-you Fiancee, you made me a very Happy Christmas indeed!

From the first to the last, a day of the best gifts-faith, hope, love!

It truly seems to me that He was trying to say to me that although I grieve, although I have lost the unloseable, His comfort, will I but accept it, is mine for the receiving...

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