28 June 2006

Why did you take my family?

I want my life back! I want my family! I want it back, everything that you stole from me! I want my son to know the truth-ALL OF IT-and I want JUSTICE! For my son! For my husband! For me!

Why did you do this, Crusty?


All the years of you knowing, and knowing I didn't know-you waited until you knew it was too late, and then you let yourself get caught!

Well, I hope you get you wish, Crusty-I hope you get caught all the way, for what you did to my family, and to all the others.

You finally may have got your Thanksgiving 1998 wish you sorry Euro-trash bastard! I think I actually do hate you now. Wasn't that what you said, "I want you to hate me." Well, I do now.

I hate you because you destroyed my family, because I am completely alone by the evil that you did.

Knowing you, Mick, I have EVERY reason to believe that is what you wanted me to hate you for, the total horror you've inflicted on me and mine.

But ya know what, you sorry son of a bitch (and I can say that because I know your mother), the day I really stopped feeling sorry for you and began to hate you with a fervor that astonishes me now, two years on, WASN'T the day in March of 2003, when I found out my husband had bought the rest of your filthy lies, had given up and remarried at the same time I finally managed to get free of you.

It was the day I found out the truth about you and your buds.

That's right Crusty. I began to hate you the day I read about you and your pals in the New York Times. October 2004.

You didn't just kidnap Fox, and rape me repeatedly for nearly twenty years at gunpoint.

You raped babies, too.

Oh yes Crusty. I absolutely hate you.


Damn you to Hell for ever, this should have been my 25th wedding aniversary!!

I have to wonder, too, on behalf of every young girl you and your 'friends' assaulted, what would today have been for them?

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  1. I just caught onto your blog.

    Tomorrow I will read from the beginning to truly understand everything you have been going through.

    Hang in there.


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