04 June 2006

Please, add your voice, if you visit here and read these words:

Heavenly, Holy Father, I implore you with all my mind, body, and soul, reach down your hand to your Curious Servant, and to his beautiful, wonderous wife, and to their beloved sons.

I know that You are with Will and Brenda now as always, and that I have no need to ask you to magnify Your presence for them-they live in Your light and feel you so strongly that I have come to depend on them as a living lighthouse (for this I thank-you! You led me to his blog just when I needed most to read the witness of a man after the manner of Joshua.).

I come before you partly in selfish need today, Father, to ask You to heal Will, and grant him a long and healthy physical life.

I ask you to increase in his Brenda the strength of a good wife, that she is able to withstand the trial she now endures as they wait to hear from the doctor.

Lord, I know that You know if Issac is ready to take on the responsibilty of his brother Jeremiah; too, I know that if Will should be taken from his family now, that You will be with Brenda and Issac as they strive to fill Will's place in Jeremiah's life.

But Father, I beg of you, if it is at all within Your will, leave him here with his wife and sons, in full possesion of the renewed eagle's strength You have promised all who choose The Way.

Help us who are worried, Father. We know the enemy has looked upon Will and his loved ones as especial targets in his war against Your love for all souls. And Will is such a tremendous warrior-we are all of us stricken at the thought of the enemy winning by silencing Will's testimony!

Father, I know what I want, You know what I need, just as You know what Will, Brenda, and their sons need.

Again, I pray with every fiber of my being that Your will extends to keeping Curious Servant serving here on Earth; for Brenda's, Issac's, and Jeremiah's needs, and for all of us who have been led to his blog, and thereby strengthened as people united in Your grace.


Again, I say, Amen.


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  2. And what an enduring and lovely servant YOU are. Your kind words to me, to others, NEVER go unnoticed and I hope that you too will join my once faceless and still nameless tribe and be a warrior spirit as I am and continue to serve as I do, with reservation sometimes, but never doubt or despair. It is out of our hands and in the hands of the hire power, our G-D.
    Bestowing to you that which is most important to this warrior child and always pure, LOVE.


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