28 June 2006

And the snow kept falling.

By dawn of the 28th June 1981 it blanketed the city.

And my mind. I knew something. But what was it?

Crusty's little snowball. It started with a lie.

"I'll kill myself." He said this around the barrel of a .41 magnum he had in his mouth as he sat naked on the edge of my bed in the apartment he had no business being in. In July 1981.

I knew something had happened. What? I kept having these nightmares, since the 28th-what was it?! I didn't know I would have these nightmares for the next 18 years, until finally in 1999 the snow would melt that kept my brain in a deep freeze. Too bad Crusty's little snowball didn't melt, too.

But his eyes said if I moved the wrong way, he would kill me first.

Crusty's little snowball, that began with a lie, kept rolling with lie on lie on lie...

And growing until it crushed lives.

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