03 June 2006

Brace your selves. SpellChek is being a goober tonight. Sigh. Sorry in advance to you all for any mispelled, gramatically incorrect, or just plain silly bloopers.

Also, the DSL and telephone are in my roommate's name. he is again threatening to shut off phone and DSL.

Any blog may be my last.

I visit several blogs daily-sometimes I leave a comment. I've learned some folks like a comment, and others don't. It isn't easy to know what to say sometimes, but the willingness to reach out and give a cyber-shoulder pat is irresistible.

Especially when the writer is in the middle of a grief or a triumph.

Seeing the comments of others tells me there is still hope for our kind-if we can summon the compassion to reach out to another in peace, no matter how the reach is extended, then we are still worthwhile as an on-going project.

I know, the next minute will bring a distressing example of man's inhumanity...

But the next one after that will bring another out reach of caring.

I met an atheist (no, not Fox, although he says he is one, too; who am I to disagree? I just miss the little guy who was offended when people used God's name to damn someone or something.) through leaving a comment on his blog. Turns out he isn't so much an atheist as he is an agnostic.

We are having a great intellectual exchange.

I've met a number of fellow 'believers' including some who believe in Santa. OK, I'm not at all reluctant to admit it. Heck, I trumpet it!


Saint Nicholas
faeries, elves, and brownies
twilight wishes on the first star

I'm not too sure about the 21st century-too much technology and way too little ethics. Too, TOO damn much negativity, and not nearly enough positivity.

Not nearly.


Maybe a blog is a little pebble; cast into the huge cyber pond, could the resultant ripple make enough of a difference?

All I know is that the blogs I've been blessed with reading, and the writers of said blogs that I've been really priviledged to converse with have had an impact on my life-a rather pleasant ripple.

I truly hope that by adapting to the 21st century, I will perhaps become a like positive, contributing ripple.

But, um, I think I'll hang onto the anachronisms, too. Yeah, some of my memories hurt in ways those of you who choose to (or need to) forget cannot begin to imagine.

But most of them are so wondrous:)

And hey, the way the climate is changing, the way the planet is geo-physically unstable, and OK, not to mention the rampant social unrest, and oh yeah, global terrorism, and a war against it...

Well, who knows? Maybe I'll come in handy someday.

Think about it. If I am real, if I am what I say I am, then I've lived OFF the Grid for WAAAAAY longer than I've been living on it...

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