26 February 2006

Roomie went down to Dothan yesterday to pick up his mother's SUV-the current plan is that we load his excess and drive back down next weekend, and then drive mine (hehe) up.

I am going to need my things-I am looking at an apartment that is next to perfect for me. It is time to move, Roomie and Fiancee are probably getting married sooner rather than later, and I am fairly certain they will need their privacy.

I know that I will enjoy being able to smoke in my room, or the living room, for that matter...

Amoung other things.

I got a lot of clearing up done today, but no sewing. Still, the clearing up wanted doing rather badly. I actually found the things I was looking for-a sure sign that I am semi-organized.

What, me worried? :)

Between tidying I checked all the usual news sites-worse and worser, sorry to have to say.

Nimrod would like you to think God made the work on the tower go south-but Nimrod always was an idiot (pun intended, of course).

God would never so divide His children by creating language barriers, nor would He find fault with aspirations to reach Heaven however misguided. I mean, how have you missed that He would take it as a sign of potential that we wanted to get there, somehow. Try at least to recall that Nimrod (poor fool) preceded Jesus, and from there (jeez, do ya need a road map AND written directions?? OK...) you can probably figure out that God was so inspired by the effort of Nim' and crew that he got serious about sending the Chosen One.

Nope, sorry Nim'-but ya gotta fess up-YOU built the tower of babel...I deliberately did not capitalize the words, BTW...

See, it is a sort of blasphemy to claim God needs to work in mysterious or deleterious ways.

Kinda like the blasphemy of claiming God needs to be glorified.

Trust me, PLEASE!

God is not into His glorification-He is into OURS.

'Night kids...

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