18 February 2006

Coupla thoughts...

It just seems a bit strange that anyone with any sense of common decency could seriously consider doing Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year.

No, actually, frankly it seems really ghoulish-body recovery stopped in December when the money ran out-

So hey, how many bodies are you willing to conga past, hmmm?

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

It seems downright dis-honourable to me that a man with serious health concern(-serious enough to require a pacemaker that essentially failed when he and his running mate won, so you have to wonder what the unhappy stress of the death of the president and Cheney's frighteningly increased stress load would do-) would stay in the game.

Once, a man of honour and true good intentions, would have never run in the first place. He would have graciously declined the offer and cited his heart problems as the reason. He would have promised his full suppport, but would modestly, appropriately, WISELY, said-"No, I really should and could not accept this magnificent offer. I simply do not believe the good people of this fine country need a VP who could drop dead under heavy stress, as I can due to my health condition. No presumed political wisdom could ever outway the need for this country to have a VP standing fully ready to serve in (here he should have exclaimed-"God Forbid") case of something horrifc. This country needs a VP who is in the absolute best of health body and soul, and gentlement, I just do not fill that bill."

Now, that would have been a class thing to do, as my dear old Dad used to say when someone did something honourable, and unexpected.

'Course, Cheney might well have gone on to shoot poor old Dick, OOOOPS, I meant Harry, anyway.

And hey, do you really want a guy a HEARTBEAT away from the Presidency to be a guy with a bad ticker AND an itchy trigger finger?????? Um, not me...

I have loyal friends too, but I doubt they would so magnanimously shrug off buckshot to the face, neck, and chest area, ya know. Which does have the unfortunate effect of making me wonder just what Cheney promised to do "to make it up to..."

The whole time Whittington was on camara I was thinking Dick Whittington...

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Fox, if by some chance you are reading this today-I am so very sorry for all of this pain you are going through. I know today is a hard day for you, and that if you hadn't been told, you wouldn't be in such pain, and I know too, that you blame me for telling you when I found out. Also, I know you don't believe the reason why I didn't figure it out until '98.

OK, I have medical evidence proving my side of the story, if you will just give me a chance; I told you as soon as I found out because I was lied to again and again as a kid, and I swore I would never lie to my kids (except for the usual ones like "of course you are my favourite..."). If I hadn't told you, I feel as though, given your general attitude toward me, that you would still be angry with me.

No-one is perfect. No-one is worthless, unless they choose to be.

You and Bas mean EVERYTHING to me.

I love you.

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