15 February 2006

It is getting late on this St. Valentine 2006 night and I should be to bed. I've just finished reading all of the daily e-news I have delivered to the gmail box though, and I am not sure that I would abe able to find sleep all that quickly.

The weekend was interesting-productive, although not of what I thought to have produced by Monday. Still, it saw my living quarters rearranged so as to make sewing some more appropriate business attire easier-I finally went out and bought a folding table to cut and sew on. I have always been too old to cut and sew on the floor:)

Not that I got anything too expensive; I found a 20x48 at Wal-Mart for $25.00, and thought I'd better grab it while it was still on the shelf. It will do the job until I have my own space-as in own apartment-and can bring my household goods up from Deadwood (my little not-so-much-of- joke-as-everyone-who-has-NOT-been-there-thinks-nickname for the town our good Lord saw fit to deliver me from this past October).

A fair portion of the week's end was spent searching the web for a reasonably priced apartment with-in a reasonable commute.

Oh dear....Does anyone know of a nice place, quiet, clean, with modern appliances and a nice washer/dryer cabinet, in a neighbourhood safe enough to walk outside without cover fire for rent? I really am an awfully good tenant...

One of the places I'd thought promising became rather dramatically less promising the morning after I put it on the list-high on the list because it sounded and looked so right-when AJC posted a tragic notice of two bodies being found in the cab of a pick-up truck at the top of the driveway into the complex.

Um, ah, click, and it was 'removed' from consideration.

I am down to two addresses to consider, neither thrill me-I know I shall be sleeping with my gun and Bible.

Once upon a time-yes, in THIS lifetime-I was the co-owner of my home. Completely paid off.

Nothing fancy, point of fact someone once disdained my little house by coming in, looking around, and saying scornfully, "Why this is little better than a crofter's cottage!"

Yeah, well, he was the sort of person that no matter how much he was loved, could still be a rather great ass, and no little snob at that. He has an online bio that calls his late father's medical practice "prestigious" and truth is, I have mostly gone out of my way to avoid the bourgeois social climbing git who use 'prestigious' as though it means something wonderful instead of the pretentious steer dropping that the word really is.

GAG, I cannot abide phonies!

If you are reading this, I ask you to pray for:

Curious Servant and his family-truly they are besieged;

Young Ilan and his family-they live in Israel, 'nuff said?

My son, Fox and his son 'Bas-please. I am physically homeless, Fox and 'Bas are spiritually so just now-a very cold place to be...

My young friend Akbar, who I really think once was W.C. Fields; he is on his way to becoming a teacher so pray he learns well the good art of teaching, and spare a thought for his future students, too:)

My roommate and Fiancee-they are in an especially deep bit of water and need prayer more than ever;

Pray too, please, for all the kids; things are getting worse, and these kids are in so much danger!

And pray for all the law enforcement officers out there, civillian, military, Fed, and yeah, even the spooks.

Pray for the good ones, who lose so many but keep coming after the bad guys any way-pray that their strength and dedication is renewed like the eagle's; pray for the bad ones, that they will be caught, or turn back to what is right, just, good, clean.

Me? I'm just glad to be outta Deadwood.

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