07 February 2006

Sometimes we worry a little too much.

Sometimes we don't worry enough.

Sometimes the balancing act is a bit like walking the razor edge, and if we think about it all too much, one way or the other, we topple or worse; falling on the sharpened edge.

When I was in school, the first time in this lifetime, trying to please my father and become an FBI agent (before women were more than secretaries in the FBI-poor Pop. He really disliked the late Ms. Friedan, but he sure wanted me to be the new and improved, female version of Elliot Ness:), I learned a saying that has always cracked me up, frankly.

Surely you have heard it before...

You are only crazy if you don't worry that you are.

I wonder...

I become so frustrated, so angry. Lately I catch myself saying things like "This younger generation..." in complete exasperation.

I go into long and windy soapbox derby with myself as the only racer:) I pontificate. Sometimes I find I am 'preaching to the choir' but more often I know I am merely fuming at a brick wall.

I think it may be time to take my mental blood pressure.


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