18 February 2006

Oh yeah, this one is for FoxsDad, who opted out...

"Here come those tears again,
just when I was gettin' over you;
Just when I thought I'd make it through another night/
without missing you...

Thinking I just might be strong enough after all,
then i hear your footsteps
in the hall-

I can hear you tellin' me/that you needed to be free/and you had some things
to work out

Now you're standin' here telling me/ how you have grown?!

Oooh I don't know if I can/open up enough to let you in...

Here come those tears,
here come those tears again..."

I gave you a son you SHOULD have claimed-did you know he wanted to be a physicist? Do you know he went hungry; do you know he couldn't go to college?

Do you know you are a grandfather?

Do you know how shattered he was to find out you couldn't care less-that he thinks you don't want to know...that he is completely heart-soul broken?

Do you have any clue how very like you he is? That seeing him snaps me in great shards at how much he looks like you, acts like you, thinks like you?

Because he too turned to garbage when his heart was broken, just as you did.

Oh GOD, there is no black deep enough to wear to express my grief at what my son suffers this day!

1 comment:

  1. Heavenly Father...

    Be with this child of Yours today. Bless her with a tangible sense of Your presence.



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