07 February 2006

Mrs. King's earthly remains will be laid to rest later today.

In sharp contrast to her husband's memorials back in '68, the past week has been a lovely and gracious reminder of the lady being interred today; all that anyone has had to say has been glowing and fulsome in praise of one of the last great ladies.

I was driving to work when the news came across the radio that Mrs. King had passed, and I slowly began to cry as I thought about the life she has led since the horrible day Dr. King was murdered.

I thought about her children, close in age to me; I thought about how ladylike she had been and how like Ghandi she was really in her ability to effect profound changes while remaining cool, and gracious.

The widow of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the quintessintial lady and we all, regardless of colour, were inspired by her. 'It' was no act, the lady was a lady all the way, so classy one could not even say "She's a class act." The phrase was too vulgar to use in connection with her.

Truly she was a queen...

I thought that she couldn't possibly be gone, not Mrs. King, why, we need her...

Mrs. King was everyone's mother in the way that JFK, Jr was everyone's brother.

One simply does not understand that mothers, brothers, these too die...

Thank-you for your grace under horrific pressure, Ma'am. Thank-you so much.

We will live the dream in your memory every bit as much as in your husband's.

To the children of Dr. and Mrs. King, I need to say thank-you for sharing your parents with us. I know it has not been easy for you. But I thank-you with all of my heart for it.

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