04 February 2006

I am a firm believer in the Ten Commandments, I some times call them the Ten Simple Rules To Live By. If every person walking around in skin followed those rules most of the problems in the world would never arise.

All of the world's majour religions use some version of the Ten Commandments. The Buddhists call them The Ten Golden Precepts; even a cursory examination makes the similarities clear.

During WWII a Lutheran priest wrote a sort of poem trying to illustrate what was happening. He wrote that when the Nazis came for the handicapped and mentally defective, the protagonist of his piece looked away because it was not his concern. The priest went on through the list of the escalating attacks; the protagonist went on with his justifications as to why he kept silence, until finally the Nazis came for the protagonist-and because he had kept silence as his neighbours were 'disappeared' there remained no-one to speak up for him.

When the surviving Allied troops returned to their homes, most of them said-"Never Again" would forever be their motto.

At the turn of the 19th to the 20th century a young man attending an American Ivy League college philosophy school wrote that when a people fail to learn from their history they doom themselves to a repetition of it's worst, most catastrophic moments.

I have blogged here that I believe in re-incarnation, that I can recall clearly many if not all of my past lives. I have proved it to myself, and I am increasingly frustrated by those who are unwilling to hear me out simply because they are afraid of the truth, afraid of the responsibility of what I am saying being true obligates them to, and utterly unwilling to pull their heads out the sand if doing so results in discomfort.

Not wanting what I say to be true is going to have profound consequences on their long term comfort zones.

God sent you prophets, you murdered them.

Then you suffered the very consequences He sent the prophets to warn of that you might turn away from disastrous courses in time.

Then you reached out your hearts in faith and prayer, and He answered by helping you out of the consequences of your stupidity, because He loves you, and has such high hopes for your ultimate survival and transcendence from rooting swine into something far finer-Man.

He sent you His son; you murdered him, too.

Then you made a cult out of the murdered Christ, deified him, and at the same time created a dogma diametrically opposed to the message he brought. You heard, once again, what you wanted to hear, and although the contradictions in what the Christ taught and what you based your cult on were GLARING and painfully obvious you bought into the contradictions thrust on you by men like Saul of Tarsus, and made the truth a crime. Because the truth scared the hell out of you and threatened your comfort zone. You wanted the excuse that 'it' is too hard, all men are born sinners, and Jesus' blood gave you impunity from obligation to the Law.

People died because of that set of lies, myself included. The fact that I and the rest of us as chose to were permitted to return by the grace of God does not in any way mitigate that wrongness.

In plain fact, that you take advantage of it to continue the murders while calling on the Holy Name is the penultimate breaking of the Third commandment. This being the Life of the Winnowing, I guarantee you will NOT be forgiven the sin this time.

By the way, the word 'penultimate' is one of if not the most mis-used word in the dictionary, and demonstrates the collective willing ignorance permeating the world today.

PAY ATTENTION-Penultimate means NEXT TO LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, go forth and forever use the blasted word correctly!

The world is at war. The war is NOT Islam vs Judeo-Christianity. The war is NOT East vs West.

The world is engaged now in a struggle for it's very existence. The Enemy read his Caesar and knows the way to win his real war against FAITH is to divide to conquer.

Islam is really not all that different from the cult of Christianity that 'rules' today. (OK, Buddhism is sort of and so is Hinduism), essentially Islam and Judeo-Christianity are not all that different, indeed, the religions spring from the same Mosiac/Abrahimic well.

Or did you forget Hagar and her son Ismael?

I think it is time someone said this, and I wonder, who better than someone of the longevity I can rightly claim...Hagar was teaching that poor kid all the wrong things. It is a wonderment to me that Sarai granted her the chance to survive by only turning her out in the desert-not at all far from an oasis, but Hagar was a genuine bitch who though she should have camels and slaves to carry her to it instead of the half day walk she was let down at.

She passed her hate and bitterness to Ismael with breast milk; she stirred it into his whey. What an unworthy savage she was, and so sure of her 'position' as the mother of Abram's firstborn. And that was all that really mattered to her-her position. I promise you there was NO love in her heart for anyone but herself-she didn't give a fig about Ismael save for what his brith brought her. she used that poor child like a club against anyone who didn't kowtow to her. When Issac was born, she trained him to see Issac as the interloper, and she was in a fair way to getting him to murder little Issac. What a hyena, a dog, a bitch in heat for her own self. She only paid attention to Ismael when he responded to the kindness' of Sarai. Abba, that poor little one...

A freed slave, she wanted only to lord it over slaves of her own. A true whore, she squealed like a stuck pig when she was reminded of the laws of the people-her brat would ONLY inheirit as long as the true wife of the lord gave forth no issue. When Issac was born Sarah (I have to keep reminding myself the spelling of her name changed after the visit from the Messengers...) tried to ensure that Ismael would still be given some rights within the clan, but the day she caught Ismael slapping Issac when Issac refused to kneel before him was the day Sarah sent the bitch dog and her whelp packing.

Never will I forget the look of hate on Hagar's face when barely toddling Issac refused to kneel and give obisience to his older half brother. Verily, the intensity I think is what alarmed Sarah; in that moment Hagar was utterly revealed as a would be murderess of young Issac. Consumate evil, a woman who would murder the legitimate son of another to ensure her bastard son's elevation.

"Bastard slips shall not take root..." I was in the chapel the day millenia later when history repeated itself, and Hagar tried again to supplant the rightful heirs for her bastards by the murder of legitimate sons.

Like unto all bitch dogs, Elizabeth had not only Anne and Richard's wee boy killed, but she murdered her own brothers. Clever dirty Betty, she managed to pin it on Richard, too, and to make it look like the wasting sickness with little Edward, Isa, and Anne. I think she made 'good' use of the centuries between the desert and the moors, learning evil that she might have her revenge.

What a waste of breathing air she was, and is, I promise you she has done it again. Not for love of her own child, but for her own agrandizement, I swear it.

To what purpose save revenge-all the while she claims God, and will she not reap the ultimate punishment for the ultimate sin-abusing the gift of free will to spread fear and pain and hate and grief-all for her satisfaction for that day thousands of years ago when she was set down in the desert a scant half day walk from water and a village where she could make a good, quiet, decent life for herself.

The similarities lie in the way both Islam and Christianity use Holy Writ (as spewed mostly by Saul of Tarsus) to justify murder, hate, and genocide. (Hey, if I have to explain The Crusades, The Inquistition, and all the stupid jihads to you, you are in the wrong place and need to do some research before coming back here. I suggest you start with The Torah, The Holy Bible-George Lamsa Aramaic/English translation, not that mess the RC's wrote, although Lamsa was careful not to overly offended the powers that were as he published the translation in the late 1920's/early '30's. and The Holy Quran.)

But the similarities also lie in the way both manage to get the message of peace, goodness for goodness sake, forgiveness...across.

In the name of all that is holy I implore you-WAKE UP NOW!!!!


When it is your time to face Him who sent you, will you be able to answer for so doing?

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