05 July 2006

Two launches yesterday, the USA Space Shuttle Discovery and a North Korean long range WMD.

More contradictions in an age of them.

I had been sort of holding my breath all day. Human nature being human nature, I wondered if "The Terrorists" would launch their own warped version of some 4th of July fireworks; the North Korean missile launch while actually unexpected to most of us despite all the obvious signs to the contrary, probably was what the collective unconscious awaited.

A blog I visit, Job's Tale, is written by a guy my age (WOOHOO, God willing, the last week of August I will turn the big 5-0; I like that idea, although I wish the world was more hopefilled and that I was not in all likelihood going to 'celebrate' the big day alone again, as usual).

A few entries ago he addressed our coming of age in the "Duck and Cover" age.

What a strange trip that was, the journey to adulthood in a time filled with the multiple contradictions of all ages:

"MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!" This one gave us permission to have sex with anyone, at anytime, and mocked with utter confidence the elders who instinctively caught there was something inherently dangerous morally AND physically with unthinking promiscuity.

And we paid, with STD's that as mutations occurred became more and more drug resistant; we paid with soaring teen pregnancies and the ensuing social ills; those of us who managed to survive the '60's and 70's with intact consciences paid with deep regrets when we finally met 'The One' and realized pre-marital sex is a very serious form of adultery and that 'saving one's self for marriage' meant giving that 'One' a truly unique demonstration of our love and commitment not only to him or her, but to the human race and eternity.

"IF IT FEELS GOOD-DO IT!" This nasty little slogan led us straight down the primrose path to granting permission to paedophiles, in a horrific tweaking of the above. Groups like Man/Boy Love were able to become the sophist masters of "justified" in their own eyes

"GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!" But then a slogan like this one gave us hope that along with the bad, this could be turned to God's purpose, and we could live finally in true peace, harmony, without consideration to race, nationality or religious expression.

"EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!" So did this slogan; and the contradictions were increasing.

"QUESTION AUTHORITY!" Which is a good thing that leads to good changes, right? Until midless anarchy is born and chaos reigns.

Yesterday I read an OP-ED that because our American Revolution was so unlike the French one, our's was a failure. HUHHHHHHHHH? The French, who BTW, were such masters of savagery that they are the ones who taught the Native Americans to SCALP, idealized as true revolutionaries who are the real engineers of societal reforms through rapine, pillaging, and vicious betrayals???!!!

This a good thing? Merci, Merci "boocoo" that during the Horrors I was safe in Britain!

"HEY, HEY, LBJ, HOW MANY KIDS WILL YOU KILL TODAY?" "HO, HO, HO CHI MINH..." I was one of those chanters; I was also wearing an MIA/POW bracelet, and greeting returning soldiers with flowers. Most of the guys I knew who went to 'Nam came home although at least one came home minus his legs.

'Nuff said, it hurts, still, and I never went 'in-country', I was Stateside doing instructor work to free up a guy for service there-what, you buy that lie that 'Coasties weren't there, and the 'conflict' ended in '73? Gimme a break. No, give a real soldier a break-learn the truth.

"FREEDOM OF CHOICE!" And here was the real contradiction-freedom of choice to those chanters meant the freedom to have an abortion and all of a sudden we were all confronting an ethical nightmare-when is it OK to essentially murder someone; when did real life begin? And was it OK to have an abortion if the victim had been raped, especially if the rape was at the hands: of a blood relative/full grown adult while the victim was a child/a monster who grabbed her off the street or broke into the house? was it ok if the birth control method diligently applied failed; if the mother was ...?

The 21st Century, THE AGE OF CYNICISM.

Happy Birthday, America.

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