17 July 2006

Heavenly and Holy Father of all Creation, I add my voice this morning to the prayers of all those going up this morning for the safe return to the Earth of the Space ShuttleDiscovery.

Guide the hands, hearts, and minds of the engineers and pilots this morning, Lord, who are entrusted with the lives of the astronauts, and the hopes of a free world; magnify Your presence for them, Father, that they are confident against the whispers of the enemy that seeks to spread fear and doubt against all souls who stand in courage against the onslaught.

I believe with my whole self that You have no intentions that this space going vessle should fail in it's return to the Earth; I believe that bad things sometimes simply happen to all of us, but You are there to comfort, strengthen, and light the way, as I believe You were with the souls on the Columbia that awful morning.

Thus I know that You, with whom all things are possible, are with the Discovery Crew even now, and I thank-You for Your presence with them.

I ask You, Lord, if it is at within Your gracious will and holy Covenant with mankind, to intervene and grant a miracle of rescue should something go amiss as the shuttle returns with her crew.

Lord, I ask this on behalf of Ilan, KC, Dave, Laurel, Rick, Will, and Mike; I ask this in the memory of the crew of the USCGC Cayahoga; I ask this for Titov; and I ask this for all of the families of all the voyagers who have ever flung themselves into the unknown that it become known and perhaps thereby enlarge the souls of Your people.

Amen, Father, Amen

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  1. Hey Fox's Mom!
    Wanted to let you know, that due to the situtation in Israel, "Little-Israel" blog is back online.
    Thanks :)


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