16 July 2006

OK, 'nuff whining! God's got my back.

I know this because after posting that last bit, I went out on the balcony and looked up in desperation, and mentally heard the echoes of myself saying to Crusty-"God will take care of us, He always has, even when we thought we didn't want him to..." I used to say that to him and Fox when things got a little tough, back before Crusty went completely crazy instead of just a little crazy, and I was trying to make the best of everything for Fox's sake.

For a quick second I felt sorry for myself-I've no-one to remind me of that, I told myself, thinking it most unfair.

OK, but only for a really, really quick second, because no sooner had those thoughts flitted across my mind, I thought, "Wait a sec...God will take care of me. He always has..."

So, it's getting late, and I need to get some sleep, but I just had to share something I found when I got back in the house and visited a website looking for something else, and found something really neat-check out the sidebar...

Right, it's not placed as well as it could be, that animated blue ribbon asking you, me, everyone, to support 'net freedom of speech.

Hey, it's my first time, OK?

Now, for the neat thing...

Did you know that if you click the "edit me" link it takes you straight to the Helpful Blogger Info page?

I took the long way there while trying to figure out how to get the .giff in here.

But now that I know, I'll take the short cut next time I want to add a link.

Oh, and it would be great if you would click the link and add this or the non-animated one to your web site.

And if you are inclined to do this, I'd like to take this op to ask that you also consider helping the almost homeless IN YOUR COMMUNITY by keeping your ears open to who needs help getting into their own place. If one of you offers help and also enlists your well-heeled friends, you can make a real difference.

I went to a few websites for the homeless, and as I suspected, the help isn't for people like me, at least not until a series of preventable catastrophies brings us to absolute rock bottom, at which point the 'system' gets involved, and wastes quite a lot of those charitable dollars you've donated-usually a gajillion miles from your neighbourhood, for people who are no doubt equally deserving, but this is the 21st century-the LOCAL mean streets are getting even meaner and hey-IT COULD BE YOUR MOTHER OUT THERE!

Think it can not happen to you? Um, I wish.

So, cut the middleman/woman, and help your neighbour.

If you pay the electric deposit, and your brother-in-law who just won at Keno/Bingo/Texas whatever they call it/lotto pays the security deposit...if you all band together and pay the scurity deposit...if you tell the manager of places you've vetted (and therefore know is a safe and clean place for someone who has been through it and is alone and just needs a safe, clean, PRIVATE place of their own to heal and pull themselves together) that you and a group of your friends believe it takes a village...

'Cause, trust me, I'm out here totally alone except for you readers, and I promise you-it is mean, getting meaner, and really scary, and I am someone's mother.

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