14 July 2006

God, I promise, if I ever have money again

(and You know me, Father, The Benz never impressed me, and if I could still afford to be driving it, I'd be driving the KIA anyway because I'd see the extra money as something to use for Your purpose-BTW, thank-you again for the divorce from Crusty so that I actually can use money toward Your purpose; to me "having money" means an 'extra' hundred dollars, not hundred million:)

I will start an assistance fund to help people like me get the money together for deposits and first month rents; car tags and insurance; a tank of gasoline to get to work before the paycheck hits so that people don't try floating a check, or worse, a debit that for sure will hit the bank before the direct deposit, and cost NSF fees that will start the domino effect...

I took the dog downstairs to use the garden and it hit me.

"Money is like manure, you have to spread it around to see things grow..." Dolly Levi, Hello Dolly!

Man, she knew!

So, I think the way to spread money around is to look at what really makes a difference on a small, near, personal scale.

I CAN NOT be the only person on the planet with a job who has hit a really rough patch but can make it without becoming "a burden on society" if only some kind of REAL assistance existed to provide a short term loan to help people get into an apartment that understood this really was not my fault-can you say "durable power of attorney" the way my ex did to strip 17 years of sweat equity right out from under me?

Yeah, some kind of intelligently administered fund that lends people the money to get their dignity back-without stripping people of it during the 'process.'

Roomie is threatening to 'place' me in a homeless shelter on the 28th if I don't show him a signed lease.

YES!! Some kind of grass roots run thing that leaves a person with the feeling that the lender has been there, too, and knows what you need-and don't need, like the attitude that nearly all charities cop when they 'help' you.

We could offer financial planning, too, and related helps that can teach people about checking accounts, and squeezing that dollar so tight that ol' George's eyes bug out!

And we could take trades for repayment of loans-skills shared teaching others, beat-up truck pressed into moving service, oil change knowledge exchanged for use of aforementioned truck help, and stuff like that!

Those who could should repay the fund with cash so that the money doesn't run out so fast, and I would not be ashamed to accept donations from other people like me who had this need once upon a time...


To make a suggestion, leave a comment.

But not if you are Crusty.

It wouldn't be a nice comment, or very helpful suggestion, would it, Ebbie?

"Are there no workhouse? No orphanages...?"

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