03 July 2006

Half the battle is won when one learns to recognize good advice-and act on it:) Thank-you, Warrior!

So, it's the early hours of 3rd July, and for today at least, I'm still online. Hope it lasts, Roomie and I had a 'discussion' yesterday; since his name is the one on the lease and he's made it increasingly clear that I'm here on sufferance, I may not be here tomorrow. At the very least, I'll be out by 1st August.

Which is a good thing, for both of us, really. He needs his space, I'm cramping his and his friends style.

I have similar needs.

He is twenty years younger and unencumbered with the sorts of responsibilities that most fellows his age (when I was his age) have. Instead he has a beautiful, tempestuous, emotionally high-maintenance Fiancee, and an equally beautiful, tempestuous, emotionally high-maintenance mum.

Both of whom are not too thrilled that I accepted Roomie's offer of help to relocate. I came up here under a misunderstanding-several, really-one being that his ladies understood I was no-one more than a roommate and would be essentially a non-participant in their lives save the friendly nod/wave as I passed through the living room to the Cave.

Imagine my dismay when, upon arrival, I discovered neither had a clue I was coming.

So, I'm on the hunt for a fairly reasonably priced, safe, and clean new Cave. Not an easy task, given the economy, my state of financial disrepair, and the sheer numbers of like-minded hunters.

God-willing, the dog and I will find a clean and decent someplace soon, where the landlord is compassionate and the neighbours friendly while not being TOO friendly, and is close enough to work that I won't be spending too many hours on the commute and gasoline.

"Once more into the breech, dear friends, once more..."

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