18 July 2006

Father, these are grim times.

I know that you are with all souls, and I thank-you.

Magnify Your presence especially for those men and women making decisions in the Middle East, Father, on both sides, that they open their hearts to Your guidance, and find a way to end this.

And I ask that the missles launched by those whose hearts are filled with darkness fail at launch, or fall short into a empty place that no harm comes to man or beast; then shall they know that Your heart is grieved at this strife between those You are pleased to call Yours, and perhaps turn back before they are forever lost.

I pray that Your love and comfort surrounds the little ones in the cities where the bombs of both sides are falling, that they are strengthened beyond their fear and are abled to make the courageous decision to grow up and become active members of the peace.

Lead us, Father of all creation, that we step on the path that brings us to understanding and actions chosen to bring about an end to the ceaseless clamorings of those who hate peace.


"Peace! How I long for it! But when I speak of it, they are for war!"

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