29 March 2006

I just want people who say they are Christian to fish or cut bait.

If you are a Christian in truth, your every action is based on "What would Jesus do?"

So, to all the people like my ex husband, my former employers in Dothan, I want to leave a little reminder...

"As you do to the least of these, so you do to me.."

For the sake of your souls, I want you to think about that for the rest of your life.

I'm reasonably assured, Mr. and Mrs. Boss, that you would not have kept Jesus in the situation you placed me, your employee in.

I still want to think you would have paid him the wages and benefits you promised, instead of the way you cheated me, taking advantage of the fact that I was alone.

I still want to think you would have at least given him a lunch hour and a day off, not to mention the paid vacation you promised, instead of the way you never gave me the time off, and then said I never asked for, when you know that in fact, I repeatedly asked, scheduled with you, and then at your request canceled, so that you could go to the very place I wanted to go to.

If you wouldn't do it to Jesus, why was it OK for you to do it to me, while going every Sunday to your church?

And while I'm thinking about the way you cheat widows and orphans, I want to ask you if you would have laid off Jesus a week before Christmas, the way you did Eva Lou, Drake, Fox; why Mr. and Mrs. Boss, the list of widows and orphans you cheated while calling on the name of the Christ is rather lengthy, isn't it, going back long before you hired that wave, say for example, the widow of one of your business partners...

I ask you again...

If you wouldn't do it to Jesus, why was it OK to do it to us?

'Cause if you don't answer that question here, you will be answering it in the presence of the Lord.

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