19 March 2006

We are living in interesting times.

I should have passed, I'm thinking.

Ya know, I read today that five Vermont towns voted to impeach President Bush.

Fellow townsfolk are pissed at those who voted to do so because they are afraid of the political and economic repercussions; the blind loyalists are calling the pro-impeachers traitors.

I dunno, but didn't we used to be free?

I was 17 when Nixon resigned, and I know exactly where I was when the news came over the radio-riding with Gary Aamodt down the interstate from Kings Canyon.

I was 7 when President Kennedy was killed, and I very clearly recall that as well...In part because 22cd November marks the date I became politically aware in this lifetime. I was gob-smacked to understand that I'd come back to a dangerous lifetime, instead of the one filled with peace and prosperity I'd thought I was coming to, but that's another story...

My senior year of high school I found a stray cat, brought him home, vetted him, restored him to luxurious health and stunning feline handsomeness, and named him Leon Jaworski. I loved the guy, and the cat.

I wasn't too sure about Woodward and Bernstein; I wondered at their motives sometimes, although I was grateful that whatever their motives, they'd published.

So hearing the news that Nixon had finally recognized the inevitable, and had wisely moved to avoid the fullness of it, came as no shock, and with not a little satisfaction.

But I felt some pity for the man when his best defense seemed to be that he likely hadn't done much more than prior Presidents, he'd just been exposed.

We all scorned poor Dick and Pat, Julie and Tricia-woohoo, did we ever!

Most of us had bumper stickers that left no doubt as to our personal politics, including one that read "Question Authority."

That one always made me uneasy.

No rebel me, I am mostly a Loyalist, a Royalist, and definitely a Monarchist-Long Live The King, er, Queen(-sorry about that, still miss Good King George. No, no, not that one, although GIII wasn't nearly as bad as the Colonists needed to think-that pesky and greedy parliament...No, I'm talking about His Royal Majesty King George who took up the throne when his wretched brother Edward threw over the common weal for a common whore-Wallis Simpson in the 1930's. Can you imagine??

I died while HRM was still on the throne, so it still takes me a bit to remember to say Queen's English instead of King's. For that matter, it still takes me a bit to recall that in this life I am a native born American-NO, NO, not an American Indian, I'm just saying I was born here in the States because my father, an American citizen, wanted to start their married life-Mummy was an British citizen-in the U.S. which is funny, because I wasn't around that many Yanks until high school, really-Pop surrounded us with ex-pats, and I was raised British for the most part.)

I want to respect the President, the man and the office. I certainly respect the laws of local and higher.

I most assuredly do not condone anarchy. Rebellion and revolution fill me with no little dread.

So that bumper sticker has always made me uncomfortable. I mean, I'm all for critical thinking, but the consequences of that bumper sticker's influence on two, possibly three generations of Americans ain't pretty. (And yes, I KNOW that putting the apostrophe in the sticker is not strictly good grammar. But hey, if I hadn't, would you have got it that the bumper sticker had a stunning yet subtle influence?)

But President Bush's actions seem so questionable that I am alarmed, as an American and a former military person. It does seem that he is deliberately fostering an atmosphere in this country that leads to suspicion and fear.

And that is not good for the people.

In a saddening illustration of the 'Trickle Down Theory' the voters in those five Vermont towns who exercised their rights as Americans to vote peaceably to impeach President Bush are now being threatened with job loss-BTW, do you know that in Bush's America one has NO protection against being fired for political preferences-except in a very few enlightened states??!!- and are being called at best disloyal, and at worst traitors.

HUH? Since when? Someone has got to do something, or we will be repeating some really awful history-trust me please, I have seen this before-too many befores.

I absolutely do not advocate armed resistance. I wasn't a big fan of Ronald Reagan (as a governor, or president, but I did so enjoy his movies, especially the Bonzo ones:) but I certainly didn't cheer when that nutter Hinckley shot President Reagan, on the contrary, I dropped to my knees and prayed my brains out. I pray all of the time that some nut job does not take it into his head to administer 'rough justice' on Bush-HONEST.

I think Dick Cheney is quite wrong to have worked so hard to become vice-president, but every time he goes to hospital for ticker troubles, I pray for his quick and complete recovery.

And OK, while I have some very very strong doubts about the legitimacy of the 2000 election, and frankly still would prefer Gore and or Kerry, the plain fact is that Bush apparently did win the 2004; but hey, he'll be gone soon, right?


I really wish I could write to President Bush, and give him some advice-

"Dude, lighten up! This is America; not everyone who disagrees with you wants your head on a pike!

OK? So just chill, man, it's all good.

Dude, the way you are acting is making people think you are fronting; they don't trust you, fer shur-did you catch those polls? Dude! The people WANT to like you, so help them out, OK? Like, lose the rhetoric, OK? Just be real with us, ya know. We want to think you really are trying to accomplish something for the good of all Americans, not just the ones you went to college with, and dude, I'm not the one saying it first, if you know what I mean. You, like TOTALLY have to get over it, OK?

OK, so just mellow out! Find your sense of humour, fer shur!

And bud, for real, you need to lose that Dick guy, he just is making people really uncomfortable, OK? I mean, he makes Brownie look smart, ya know, and he is so, um, like furtive, that everyone thinks he's, like, hiding something really more scary than his heart condition and the fact that he can't tell the diff between his, like, hunting partner and a deer, OK?.

Not good, dude, fer shur. I mean, fo' real, that's bad enough, but um, you know, the way he acts it's like he is into something worse, OK?

And that is so not good for the people of this or the other countries you are trying to help in the name of the people of the US, even though a lot of people don't think you, like, asked us first, OK, and that does kinda piss people off, OK? To not be, like, consulted when you are going to spend a really big lot of our money sending our kids over there just to get nailed by a bunch of religious nuts who think their way is the only way...and the religious nuts are pretty much right about the fact that your actions are hypocritical, and scary, because you come off as something of a religious nut yourself-DUDE, I'm just telling you what people are saying, OK?

Oh, and dude, word to the wise, OK? People don't really like spin, except on TV, and fer real, I think that show went off the air anyway?

Ok? So, just maintain, and it'll be cool."

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