14 March 2006

Worse and worser...

The news is not good anywhere, and the happynews.com franchise is really having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find anything to print.

I have a sure and certain sense that there is a war on joy and hope.

Well, duh!

And there was a 6.8 near Sumatra yesterday.


I have to work 'with' an absolute bitch today. She is one of the worst one-uppers I've met, and she thinks she is my master, so I am not at all looking forward to going to work today.

I found out yesterday that the situation is not temporary, as I had been told, and I am rather angry about it. For the rest of my life with this company-according to my supervisor, I am going to have to report to this God-forsaking bitch to file her work because she is too invested in her self importance to be efficient, considerate, and a good team player-frankly, I am beginning to lose ANY compassion...

I dislike having to work for a large corporation, and I completely hate 'office politics.' So naturally, I am stuck right in the middle of it all.

I was asked to 'help' her organize her files in an effort to end the constant complaints from customers about her inefficiency. OK, fine, I'm good at that sort of thing, I enjoy it actually, and was happy to do it for the sake of the team.

Then she started (I am serious) snapping her fingers at me, ordering me about, and piling HER work on me.

I couldn't wait for it to be over. I gritted my teeth and hung in there.

She pushes our co-worker's buttons, too, and several of them complained to our supervisor, who in turn took us all to the department head.

I speak 'corporatese' although I don't like it either, but my co-workers don't-including our supervisor.

So they missed that our department head told us that he was stuck with the bitch, but he was going to piecemeal reassign her job until she became redundant. He was also very angry that she had gossiped about several higher-ups in the company, and had been 'lording it' over the room, and me when I work 'with' her. She is on her way out, I know this, although the department head and I seem to be the only ones who do...

But to find out yesterday that I have to continue working with her is really upsetting, and I am having a bit of trouble gathering my willingness not to knock the devil out her today!

And to have my supervisor smile at me and say, "But I thought you knew that this would be permanent, and that she would always use you for a file clerk."

I like filing.

I don't like liars.

And I don't like people who deliberately make extra work for someone else in an effort to bolster their ego.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's off to work I go...

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