10 March 2006

President Bush was in town this afternoon. He popped in and out fairly quietly, and so far, I've not heard of any problems.

Just a quick thought on my part-the part that openly longs to go 'home' while standing fast by the oath I took in September of 1974 to "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic" and is rather proud of the truth that a member of my clan has fought in every single war this United States of America has fought, including the French and Indian, on the side of the USA:

Mr. President, if we, the people of this country, had known the Brits were running our ports, we damn sure would have been damn near as pissed about it as we are about the UAE running the ports. NO FORIEGN ENTITY SHOULD HAVE THE RUNNING OF AN AMERICAN PORT, how do you not get this simple reality?

Sir, as a former United States Coast Guardswoman, I say to you that you have insulted our service, our country, and our not inconsiderable intelligence as a people.

Please stop claiming a mandate-you BARELY won the election this time, OK?

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