22 March 2006

Last night while in the process of refreshing my memory about Sala Al-Edin, I came across a little news blurb about an jailed Afghani who may be executed for the crime of leaving Islam.

Or as Western reporters phrase it, "Afghan Christian Awaits Execution For Conversion."

Swell. What would the Great One have to say about that one, he who when he won back the Holy City granted safe passage to the Christians and Jews?

Jesus weeps; I suspect Yusef, may he forgive my familiarity, does too. Any good person would find this up-coming execution to be an occasion for tears.

What a horrendous world this is becoming thanks to the always nasty combination of fear, hate, and greed.

I've long understood that greed breeds a foul bastard-one willing to assume the mask of an up-right sentient man in order to blind the people while leading them, through a perfect understanding of how to manipulate human psychology, to achieve nefarious ends. So very clever to know that a sorrowful lot of people will fall into it so easily, and once caught, lie like a parlour rug to cover themselves; if forced to admit complicity, too many will shrug, and embrace evil like a long lost brother.

Makes it so much easier, and so much more fun, for evil. I knew someone once who said human nature is it's own worst enemy.

Of course, I did, do, and hopefully always will believe man is better than some instinct driven one celled blob on a lab slide.

I'm pretty sure God does, too. I think His hope is still floating, but I have to wonder how much longer it will last for those who seem absolutely determined to make themselves the very epitome of walking evil.

I'm not talking about the Taliban in general-I think those men for the most part are terrified of the world they see swallowing them and their people up; I have read too many news articles about some of the monstrous behaviours of Western contractors there and in Iraq to believe the steer droppings that the "Afghanis are savages and the Westerners are not being properly thanked for all their efforts".

So I think generally, the up-coming execution is the response of angry and frightened men.

Hey, while I will not tell the century, I promise you-I REMEMBER DISTINCTLY being bound to a pole and set on fire, OK, for being something that scared the bejeebers out of a bunch of thoroughly terrified villagers-most of whom I'd grown up with. Fear is a terrible, terrible and cruel task master!

To a small degree, I suffer it's effects; I blog under a screen name-hard to find this one even if you 'Google' FoxsMom.

And if you have read most of this blog from inception, you know that my former husband-AKA Crusty-first date-raped me, then used my religious beliefs to trap me into a marriage I never, ever wanted; and then, when my good and common sense reared it's pointed little head, was perfectly comfortable sticking a gun to my head, Fox's head, any one's head who tried to help me get the hell out of Dodge.

To save my son's life, I lived in near total fear for DECADES!!

(And yeah, I am rather pissed, OK? Because now that we are free, Fox blames ME for what he went through at the hands of that monster Crusty; I am completely alone, my son has NO education, and no family to love him-he thinks he doesn't need it, and I have to step very carefully in the Matrix reloaded piece of shit world the Crustys have built for themselves-because they know how to manipulate you into thinking it was all YOUR idea.

Yeah, I'm pissed.

Fear bites-HARD.)

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  1. That is hard.

    I am sorry for your pain.

    But I am glad for your visits to my blog.

    I left a little response for you there, but not knowing if you'd return to that comment section I came here to leave it as well.


    Re.: Calvary Chapel:

    Wasn't that wild?!!!

    Church in a circus tent!

    And boy that church grew!

    I think I started attending there about '71 or '72.

    I was a full fledged "Jesus Freak".

    Had a denim jacket with "Maranatha" embroidered across the back and paisley cuffs sewn on my Levi Flairs.

    By '75 I was reading Carlos Castenda and hitchhiking all over the country.

    '76 found me living in an ashram in Costa Mesa again, faking my way through Tai Chi movements, meditating and working in a vegetarian restaurant. Carradine's role in "Kung Fu" left a lasting impression.

    I'll have to write on it sometime.


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