23 March 2006

I visit a blog called Job's Tale. The author is a man my age, with great writing and illustration skills-his web page alone, without reading the text-which I don't recommend, you really should read this man's wonderful writing-is visually beautiful, and he graciously posts, on the very rare occasion, some of his other artwork.

A few days ago his most recent post brought me to a stunning realization-I was the recipient of an act of amazing grace (-all pun intended!-:) in the early 1970's, when the Calvary Church first pitched their tents in Orange County California.

I have blogged that I believe in re-incarnation, and have memories dating back to 3K BC. I do.

But in the 2K since the murder of the Christ, I have pondered and struggled with the presentation of him that organized religion has. Instead of bring me (and I suspect many others) closer to him, the message, and therefore ultimately closer to the Father, organized religion has pushed many away! Not from faith, certes, but from knowing Yeshua, well yes, I do think so.

The Jesus Freak times of the early '70's changed that for so many of us! By them, in them, (many, many thanks to the willingness to answer His call to bring our generation closer to His beloved son that we might be free), I and many others were truly saved.

Even if it took us nearly 40 years-HUH?-to figure it out!

Thanks be to God, who does wonderous things for His children!

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