12 November 2005

We were heroes, once. I scorn those that scorn that truth in an effort to avoid their personal responsibilities.

We are all of us responsible to that legacy, and to the responsibility to behave heroically no matter our situation of birth. Every man, woman, child, must strive to behave heroically in every single moment of their lives, or else we as a species are truly doomed.

Which is why so many are trying so hard to evade the responsibility so to do.

Personally I find that not only contemptible, and despicable, but infuriating. How dare anyone tarnish heroism in an effort to avoid being responsible to it? These people are dangerous, and certainly the enemy.

But equally offensive are those who sigh and are complicity in the evil by permitting themselves to believe they are powerless. The justifications are legion! "I'm only one person..." "The Good Book says that evil will have it's time..." Jesus weeps!

George Santayana wrote that a people are doomed by their refusal to learn history because then they would repeat the mistakes of their collective pasts. He meant 'truth' when he said 'history' and I am bloody sick of people who take advantage of a type of willful ignorance so as to prolong their self-delusion that they are guiltless.

Consider but two modern examples:

John F. Kennedy Sr. was a modern hero. Until his heroism was denigrated by 'revelations' of his personal moral collapse. After all, logic demands that a man who will betray his wife and family will have no less a moral dilemma betraying his country. Those revelations about his lack of character make it ever so much easier to scorn his demands that Americans hold themselves to a higher nobility.

Dr. King, too; after his murder, did not the stories about his personal failings make it possible to spit on his dream? Never mind that Dr. King's dream extended to all people, that dream was instantly discredited by the revelation that he cheated on his wife. The man was now a 'false shepherd' and how convenient for those who really prefer that the dream be confined to one race.

I am a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant. (Oh, and a female-let's not forget the WASP Princesses everyone loves to hate!) I was a little girl when Dr. King's famous speech was broadcast, and it was a moment in time for me that I will never forget. I sat transfixed before the TV, because Dr. King had just said the words I knew would carry me and my fellow human beings into a new and peaceful kingdom.

'Cept painfully few wanted that kingdom. Just me, Dr. King, and God. Honestly, that is how it feels, especially when I would try to join public commemorations of his too-short life's work. I don't bother anymore. I'm sick of going to a march, rally or ceremony only to hear "Whitey go home." I see, Dr. King is a hero only for Blacks. Which makes it easier for Whites to continue dis-enfranchising Blacks, and easier for Blacks to continue to hate Whites.

Dr. King is rolling in his grave.

Tell me his dream did NOT include the hope that one day Blacks and Whites would look at each other in first glance and see only a new friend, a new compatriot in the fight against the evil that seeks to dis-enfranchise all Mankind.

Try to tell me that one more time, and I will no longer be able to keep myself from knocking your dust from my sandals.

How bloody convenient for you, but more importantly, the enemy, that we cannot share the same heroes, the same dreams, the same hopes! How horrifically easy to break those saving aspirations to true Human nobility if our heroes have been 'revealed' as liars, cheats, pathetic lip servers!

But I have to say, what has inspired this morning's blog is the fury that is born of the realization that you incredibly stupid brats think you invented this scheme to avoid responsibility.

George was so right. Not one of you brats know your history, not one, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, no, not one. And you are perfectly willing to permit some bastard to strip you of your heritage, your history, the bloody damn truth, if it will buy you your fifteen minutes of fame-(Warhol gave me the creeps, he made cynicism fashionable again. I hope he's roasting. Well, sort of.)-or just 15 more minutes of lack of responsibility!

HEY-Life is NOT on 'SNOOZE'!!

The truth is that the propaganda of discrediting a potential hero is one of the oldest tricks in the so-called book. It started when Adam pointed his wretched finger at poor Eve. What ever you believe the Bible to be, the plain fact is that Adam evaded his responsibility to Eve-the responsibility God gave him (re-read the bloody thing you stupid bitch-gods I am sick of ignorant 'feminists') the moment He carved her from Adam's rib.

Presume for a moment that the Bible is nothing more than a collection of morality tales, OK? So, for five thousand years, man has been conditioned to point fingers, and to do so with a crudely effective vulgarity. And hey, since you refuse to believe in the usefulness of the Bible, well-a-day, doesn't that make it even easier to evade the responsibility to behave with common courtesy?

Because yes, the whole point IS "Goodness for goodness sake."


Whoa, reality check-I just ran spell check (because when I rant I want the reader to be undistracted by mis-spellings,); the computer wanted me to replace 'vulgarity' with 'Belgrade', whoa! Who knew a computer could be Freudian?

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