16 November 2005

Things improve by the moment!

Thanksgiving weekend Entrare and I are driving down to South Alabama to A-allow him to make up to his mother for not making it home on actual Thanksgiving (we both have to work the day after) and B-to pick up a few of my things from storage.

I am torn between the longing for my bed, and the longing for my TV and stereo equipment.

The absolute longing and NEED for my sewing equipment has been so strong that I have almost driven down by myself to cram it all into my little KIA. My clothing is hanging off of me, I have lost even more weight since moving to Atlanta, lack of cash will do that...

I am also hoping to combine the two storage units into one, and save some money. Besides, a washer and dryer can't sit in storage too long anyway.

Any road, 'things' are looking up. I still like my job, and Entrare and I seem to be getting along pretty well. He keeps in touch with my son, and tells me the latest news...

Fiancee #...cripes, I've forgot what number the stripper is! She is the one who is the mother of my grandson.

Long story short, she and his previous fiancee had been sharing living quarters in Rhode Island. No longer. Apparently the stripper finally pushed the other almost daughter-in-law too far, and got herself thrown out. Then the other almost daughter-in-law hitched a ride back to South Alabama and is living with my son.

I hope it works out, I like her. I taught her how to sew.

My grandson is living with his great-grandfather and his live-in girlfriend. I wish I could do something about it. My son still won't talk to me because I called DHR when the baby's mother left him with a junkie.

I type these words and have to stop, and think, "How did this happen to my family?" But I know the answer.

Another Thanksgiving, one in a long line since 1998 that have been horribly lonely.

And Christmas is right around the corner.

Thanks Crusty.

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