18 November 2005

On my way to the blog I happened to notice a freshly published blog on AC/DC. So I clicked, looked, and had to comment. I mean, T.N.T. is a great song, so is Thunderstruck, but Razor's Edge beats the lot hands down.

I still wish the person had mentioned Bon Scott...

Any road, life is life. I drive to work every morning and home every evening thinking essentially the same thought-why won't that jerk let the other guy in?

How hard is it to be generous? Too hard nowadays, I guess.

Tonight after work I tried something different, I got off the interstate and went to the bank. I've never done anything like that, I probably won't again-the dog left me a welcome home present.

My room mate's fiancee and her friends were over last night. I went to bed early because I wanted to have a leisurely morning instead of the frantic rush I've endured on mornings after a visit from Fiancee and crew.

The one pitfall in having a roomie who is a night person. I am certain Entrare does not become fully functional until around 7pm. His friends cheerfully admit to it in regards themselves.

I never was much of a night person, always been a morning person myself. I love to wake just before dawn and see the world (my part of it anyway) come to life every day. Very zen, that morning ritual.

I also enjoy watching the afternoon become early evening. I love the deep purple-also quite zen, if one's neighbours will only be courteous about their noises. I also despise the way some people-not to be mentioned, particularly by real names-simply refuse to shut the hell up during a zen moment.

Gods, what is the problem with silence, I should like to know! I read something on the Net last night proclaiming 'silence' to be endangered. I dare say the reporter has it right.

Not that I long for a totally silent world-PLEASE-my favorite band is AC/DC, OK? However, to hear a bird chirp is to hear the most magnificent music ever writ. I feel fairly sure the irresistible rogues might agree, if ever they were to be made aware of both my admiration for their music, and my opinion on a bird's. Pray do not ask me to choose.

Some one did once. You know, one of those stupid 'let's get to know the real you' games that involves "What three things would you take to a deserted island?"

DUH, 1-food; 2-water; 3-more of 1 & 2.

Memories are free. I would be able to pack several catalogues mentally, Bach's, Vivaldi's, Benny Goodman's, Artie Shaw's, Les Morgan's, George Harrison's, Macy Gray's, Joni Mitchell's, U2's, and AC/DC's, amoung others.

Cripes I hate "Let's get to know the real you" games.

I hate games, period, head games anyway.

Gin Rummy is good though.

Al, I miss ya!

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