01 March 2008

OK, remind me-this IS America, right? Right??

We are in the grip of a deepening recession that now even Bush has to recognize ("...kind of a slump..."), one that economists are finally admitting could well become, in the words of Glenn Beck, "The Greater Depression."

So it is now the law in California that pets must be sterilized by age four months.


When the great state of Massachusetts enacted the health insurance law, I thought "HUH???" Next thought-"You buyin'?"

According to the mayor of LA, the procedure will be subsidized, right, so I guess WE'RE paying.

Georgie Bush is sending us all a bail-out check hoping we'll splurge on some thing wild and crazy and thereby stimulate the economy.

Polls available all over the 'Net give the average Yank a chance to confess what they'll spend it on, and most of the respondents are going to use the money for groceries, gasoline, medicine, or another month of keeping bill collectors at bay.

No-one is thinking "Oh cool, I'll go get a flat panel plasma TV!!! NO, NO, I'll buy some bling, NO WAIT, a new Blackberry! No, ooh, ooh, I'll get a boat, yeah, a boat..."

Gimme a break!

I've been more careful, and I'm trying to figure out how to become more so. Oh nuts, I've already cut so much out of my life that frankly I have no life to speak of!

I already do Clearance-Rack Chic, and a thousand other economies, what and where do I cut now?

Knowing I'm not alone does not help; nor does knowing I saw this coming back in '03 and tried to get organized to meet the challenge. It all just really bends my frames that I and so many others who were living sensibly for years are now crunched by idiots like my ex who think nothing of expecting YOU to bail them out!

We're buying, alright-taxpayers like you and me who would dearly love to have a savings nest egg are wiped out by the continued bailouts of all these pinheads who live in stupid places and then reach out for the freebies, and the no interest loans TO REBUILD THEIR FRIGGIN BEACH HOUSE RIGHT WHERE THE LAST ONE WAS!

Blondie gave her notice yesterday, she's moving to the bloody damn beach on 14th March. She says she been planning it for months, so please explain to me why she worked her Blondie wiles to get my primary function transferred to her so that she would have a job during the last restructuring scramble.

Please explain to me why she got the training on the new system (that half way through the training they realized won't work for our specialized little corner of the kingdom) if she knew she was going to be leaving?!

Like Crusty, she doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. She'll have her hand out too, when the next Katrina hits the Gulf.

I can see why some folks become tax evaders!

I know good people (hell, me for example!) that have had to go into savings till it's GONE, or have been brutally robbed by so-called loved ones, and now are sitting here wondering how to go on.

It's no damn wonder so many middle-agers commit suicide. Life can really suck for a middle aged adult with the constant insult of some punk trying to elbow them aside in an effort to snow the boss five more minutes; it's horrid to look at contemporaries who are engaged in jejune savageries to stay ahead of the punks-what's the damn point of trying to get through another day, let's just end all days. In goes the gun/pills/gas, and boom, the punks get to stand around wondering what to wear when black is all they wear anyway, and oh s**t, who is gonna clean up the mess?

There's angst for ya, ya wankers!


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