13 March 2008


The TV is full of jerks like my ex who try to claim the pressures of their high pressure job made it somehow OK to hang out in brothels and call for hooker take-away.


Blondie leaves Friday and she has delivered maximum damage-more bang for her buck, the bitch! Between her and my swell former boss, who I used to think was pretty swell, I've been done out of the job I love, and am locked into work that alternates between mind-numbing and insulting.

Gee, former ex-boss, I'm glad ya missed me, but did you HAVE to tell our unit manager that whopping lie about how I couldn't wait to work for you again in an effing scut job with NO potential for growth unless it's mold on my backsides as I sit there doing the most BORING EFFING CRAP I've done since I was in that other loser job-married to my ex, the rat s**t bastard who thought his 'high-pressure' job granted him hooker rights...

GRRRRR-EFFING-GRR! I hate my wretched useless brain draining hideous BS job! I hate my former ex-boss for manipulating the situation without consulting me, and then sanctimoniously telling me I should not vent to him when I thought it was 100% Blondie's diabolical plot to get her last dig.

Well, he be damned better stop crowing about his brilliance at assembling his effing dream team-three of the four of us think getting stuck in this dead-end effing BS boring BS job SUCKS! (I already punched that into the keyboard, huh?)OK< former ex-boss, do you get that three of four of your 'dream-team' EFFFFFFFFFING HATES BEING THERE IN THAT BORING crap turn in the effing dungeon that everyone thinks is so effing cool-YEAH RIGHT! SO EFFING AT LEAST PAY ME WAAAAAAAAAY MORE FOR THE BORING EFFING SH*T DUNGEON JOB!

I've taken a majour pay cut for the effing honour of the BLOODY EFFING CRAP DUNGEON JOB!

I know that eventually, the oxen will move the wheel and will grind these sorry little peckerheads (no, it's OK to say peckerheads, Gregory Peck said it to Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird, so it's OK, really) into the mealy Little worms that they are in truth. SO EFFFFING WHAT??? I am NOT vindictive, although I would EFFFING LOVE TO SEE SOME JUSTICE, so it's not like I'm sitting around waiting to see the downfall of these total jerks!


Ten years ago this week I was moving house down to that little cesspool in South East Alabama called Dothan, Alabama.

The winds of absoeffinglute wrong were stirring and before the Fall fell my whole life would be turned upside down by a rat sh** bastard who swore his high pressure job entitled him to the services of several denizens of Bogota Columbia brothels. My son would be so traumatized by the strain of having to sit up with a gun because you were acting so damn crazy-CHRIST MICK, FOX WAS 16!!-that now he refuses to speak to me because I still believe life can and should be fair and beautiful, and because I unloaded my gun rather than shoot your sorry white trash as* the night you lost it totally-Fox still doesn't know that you said you would kill him if I didn't come back in the house...

If I were that governor's wife I would castrate him publicly with the biggest divorce settlement I could squeeze out of him-she doesn't have to worry, as I did, that her sorry little rat sh*t bastard loser 'husband' would walk into a Cottonwood biker bar and offer $50 to buy her dead.

All she has to worry about-FOR THE REST OF HER EFFING LIFE-as I do-that her sorry little rat shi* bastard of a 'husband' gave her a lasting memory in the form of AIDS, Herpes, HPV, and a few other STD's that my PA told me in October '98 couldn't be tested for yet.

B-EFFING-D, I 'passed' the three AIDS tests, and the HepC tests, and the HPV and those swell 'regular' STD tests-thanks be to God and all the saints and angels, I'm clear of that!


No surprise, those other STD's, the ones the PA said there were no tests for in '98 still can't be tested for.

Do I have something that will rise up and make what's left of my life a horrific never ending reminder that you are a total effing dirtball, or is the horrific emotional nightmare of not having my son and grandson in my life , and this efffing economic nightmare you plunged me into the worst of it?

(BTW, I am being very sarcastic in the 'is this the worst' department. You know damn well I lived for my family, and you crushed that on purpose, didn't you?)

Ten years.

Gee, thanks Crusty. Rot in Hell, and I've just about got to the point where I kinda do hope I get to see you dragged off there, preferably after the pimp you stiffed (pun intended) hurts you badly-see, I know why they were chasing you and Eric that fine Guatemala afternoon; more and more often I'm just totally sorry they missed.

'Husbands' who do hookers-the gift that keeps giving in some many effing ways.

PS, Shi*head, most of the time lately I want you to drop dead after some serious torture, but first, I want you to tell my son the truth, you white-Eastern-Euro trash rat shi* bastard!


You ruined my life, and made me so effing 'financially-challenged' these past ten years that I've gone hungry and I live in a tin shack that EFFING LISTS to the starboard side so badly I feel drunk, my son won't talk to me, I don't date, I don't go anywhere, do anything, have anything that made life worth living (you know, like my family), Gator died in agony and right now I am so completely pissed about how you trashed all of our lives and how people who really should have known better bought into your LIES that I've actually got to the point where I maybe would stand there watching some Afghani chieftain saw your miserable head off with a dull steak knife and SMILE for a few seconds.

EXCEPT. You. Will. Answer. To. God. You don't really have to believe, although you should, because you more than most need Him.

But when He's finally got it through His head that you spit on His love and mercy,





ALL Eternity.

Damn. I hate when I feel sorry for you. But I do.

You're not a man, you don't even want to be one. Real men don't do the evil things you did, and still do.

'Cuz you are a dirtball.

I watch Jericho, along with countless other millions.

TICK TOCK, Crusty, the world is wising up to you dirtball contractors.

My life totally and completely sucks because of what you did to me. My son's life totally sucks because of what you did. But I know that after I vent, I will feel sorta sorry for you 'cuz you are the loser, you filth, not me.

My life sucks because you are a dirtball.

Your life sucks because you are a dirtball. You may not know it now, but you will.

Yeah, I do feel sorry for you.

One last thought tonight...

A 'man' who will betray his wife and child will betray his country that much quicker and easier.

That is a no-brainer.


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