19 February 2008

I had a pretty good weekend, all things considered.

I had to buy a new microwave and found a very nice one on sale.

I got all my shopping done early, and the rest of the weekend was spent reading-can't beat that.

The horrid weather passed over quickly and in my little corner of tin shackdom, at least, with no damage. Hail did hit the window for a brief harrowing period, and tornado warnings were posted all over the state. I hate the tin shack at moments like that.

Mozart lay down on the floor right under my feet, and I got the notion I should figure out where to go just in case. Gonzo was upset, uneasy at the way Uncle Molzart was acting. Mozart and I don't care for crashy-boomies.

It reminded me of living in SouthEast Alabama, of Ivan, and Dennis, and Katrina.

I hate being reminded of Ivan.

OK, the knowledge that Crusty's Gulf Breeze McMansion was rendered a scattered pile of splinters (his place was right behind the Gulf Breeze K-Mart) did kinda give me a realllllllly brief moment of satisfaction-knowing he got $90400.00 from disaster aid pissed me off completely, though. My tax dollars at work supporting, never mind.

It's a new year, and I'm trying very hard to be positive.

I miss my son, and my grandson. I worry about them both all of the time. All. The. Time.


A few years ago, while Fox and I were still talking, he told me I should get the PlayStation because it is 'future-proof' and frankly, yesterday I ruefully learned he was right on the money. Blu-Ray will be taking over, and the PlayStation is the best thing to own if ya wanna get the most from yer Blu-Ray discs.

When I figured that out, I was a little weepy. I miss that young man so damn much!

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