15 March 2008

I am trying to control my anger. Please see the website homepage for the man who wants to be my President.


How in the hell did Obama's political advisor miss this? How in the hell will Obama explain this?

If he were a truly worthy candidate for President, he would not be associated with this filth.

He is a fraud and cheat, and liar when he explains away his "old uncle" as just the dodderings of dotage.

He never saw the website for his home church of nearly twenty years??

Steer sh*t.

Obama? Oh Hell No!


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  2. He had to know and hes not really condemning this guy either. how dare someone, let alone a man of God say God Damn America. And other people in the church let it be too. how can they. whatever church this is he needs to be stripped. ill buy him a plane ticket to leave america if he hates it so bad.


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