24 September 2006

Part of me feels compelled to say that I wasted this day-all I did was clean my computer and read. I meant to vacuum, wash dishes...

One of the online articles I read was about how awful living alone is. Gee, that was a great help. I Googled the lifestyle hoping for some great ideas on making a totally lonely life less so. I found only this article on how really horrid it is, how one descends into drunkeness...

I can assure you all, dear and gentle readers, I have NOT succumbed to the temptations of strong spirit:)

I have, however, become a truly poor housekeeper. It isn't funny. I really should have done dishes, vacuumed, fire hosed the powder room. I should have done several of those things one does on the week end, and I did none of them.


I miss my family. I know that is the one and only reason why I have become so completely disinterested in homemaking.

But another part of me says, HEY! you did something really good over the past week (Several of the cyber buddies and I reached out to someone in terrible shape, and by the end of the week, we all saw a bit of light shining in the darkness-not a bad thing, I think:) and while bragging is never good, a bit of relief that someone out there feels a lot better tonight is a good and maybe even great thing, so I am not going to beat myself up 'cause the house isn't tidy.

OK, the house is maybe 'tidy' but it needs a good cleaning.

Tonight I saw a firefly, and wished on the first star.

The dishes will keep one more night:)

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