22 September 2006

I look around me, here at the tin shack, and at work, and it barely registers-I've been in Georgia for nearly a year; the 4th of October it will have been one year since Gator and I collapsed on the floor of Roomie's former den and slept for for over 20 hours.

I look back over the blog entries to see if I've grown, or shrunk. Sometimes I think I've lost my sense of humour but then I find it, and I tell myself I've not really lost it, it is simply that not much is funny right now.

The hunt for Osama bin Laden, tsunami, plane crashes, stock crashes-think Enron; Iran, Iraq, missing children, sold children-as they say in Guatemala-"mas, y mas, y mas, mas, mas, mas..." ("more, and more, and more, more, more, more...")

I try to live within my means-why do 'they' keep taking more of my means? I try not to be a conspiracy nut, but, things look worse than I've EVER seen...

Tomorrow The High Holy Days begin. I think maybe the best thing for me to do is observe them.

And pray, without ceasing.

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