04 September 2006

As posted before, I frequent www.gratefulness.org, finding tremendous comfort and strength there especially on the candles pages. I have several groups going, and am a daily lighter at many others.

Today, as I lit a candle at the page that brought me back to www.gratefulness.org, I decided to write the following in answer to those who find fault with those of us who light candles for racehorses:

"Love for Barbaro brought me here; LOVE for all Your children keeps me here. Thank-you Father for sending the horse who carried me Home."

I am an anchronism-a thing out of time or place...I have my beginnings in a time wherein a horse was more than a beast of burden and considered a lesser being to justify the savagery of enslavement.

I come from a time wherein a horse was so very much more. Truth be told, those times were far less brutal than these! I come from a time and place wherein a horse was a true brother, far better than Cain ever was to Abel!

Do you ridicule us who pray for a horse? Then you will not understand, not now, perhaps not ever.

You will find amusement that I read about www.gratefulness.org at the Penn State Vet message board for Barbaro; when I read that someone had started a candle group for Barbaro there I was reminded that I had once gone to the site but forgetting to 'bookmark' it, lost my way back...It will no doubt amuse you that I wasted no time clicking the link on the message board; wasted not even a second bookmarking the home page at www.gratefulness.org; then set out to explore more fully a cyber sanctuary a horse had help me find my way back to-you will no doubt find great amusement that I call it sanctuary-

Love for that horse brought me to a place where I could find strength, comfort, fellowship...sanctuary.


If you should ever decide you are tired of your jaded and vulgar, crude and boorish so-called sophistication that has brought you into profound cynicism and unrest-disatisfaction with all that is beautiful around you thanks to God; if you should ever choose to wake-up and recognize your very homelessness, and then do something about it; there is a place for you there.


I lit a candle for an injured horse whose spirit carried me Home.

"Be not afraid/I go before you, always...
Come, follow me/for I shall lead you home."

"No man is an island/no man stands alone.
Each man is my brother/each man is my own."

I've left a light on for you, as well.


  1. It's amazing what previously percieved "undeserving" objects of our time and attention can do to incite an inner self-reflection and assesment of values. Sure, Barbaro is only a horse, but he is now more than just that. He has become a force for bringing people closer to each other who would have otherwise never have interacted. So sometimes a broken horse can be ridden!

  2. So true! Every time I check the Penn Vet message board for Barbaro, I find someone new to pray for. Today, a woman from Biloxi took time out from the on going clean-up to post him well wishes.

    This horse has touched quite a lot of lives in a very positive way.


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