20 September 2006

I've been busy the last month or so. I've been 'moving-in', working late, 'moving-in'...I've been spending time at a support group online for grandparents without visitation; I've been reading dog blogs.

Yeah, dog blogs. Go figure, right-

"For the dog who has everything! Now you too can blog, Fido, and be the envy of all the guys when you download 'kewl stuf' like the IM/Comments box! Why go to UTUBE when you can upload your clips right onto your very own...DOGS WITH BLOGS homepage! Woof-Woof, dude, your pals will howl at the moon along with you no matter how many miles or oceans keep you apart-and hey, get yourself out there, and meet new ladies, too!"

No, really, 'dates' are made on dog blogs. Sigh.

OK, between working long hours-not that I'm complaining, really, and trying to figure out how to get settled when every minute I am wondering if I should finally relax and think I might just have a home-well, it is time consuming.

The online support group is a big help-they are a great bunch who have somehow managed to befriend each other-we are even talking about meeting somewhere in the middle next summer.

Being fifty is half good, and half not so good.

I am looking at house plans-house plans for 'homes' under 1000 sq. ft. because it looks like I'll be alone. (I'm not too happy about that, of course. frankly, I am a family person, and I am out here without one.) So I need to plan on the future of being the one and only who has to worry about the roof, etc.

I saw a couple of pretty nice little cabins...

Gee, I am so interesting.


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