17 May 2006

Paranoia and frugality abound-Roomie is very seriously considering having the phone and DSL shut down. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, we are both financially compromised. I had the cable shut down yesterday for the same reason-can't afford it.

We were without Internet service at the beginning of this month, and although it wasn't pretty-Roomie online games-we survived. Ergo Roomie thinks we'll survive for a much longer stretch.


I'll miss the blogs I check, four of the blogs are especially important to me and I'll be praying for you all-CS-your Mother's Day blog-wow!, 'Xan-hang tough little guy, WanderingScribe-you go girl, and you, S2006-peace.

My ex-husband held me and my son against our will for nearly 20 years. Then I found out the rest of what he'd done, and really, I just wanted to die.

But I am me, and God said "ix-nay on the eye-day thing", and I kept waking up to the same daymare the ex put my family in. Eventually, despite everything that happened as a consequence of Crusty's little snowball-a lie, bad enough and born of jealousy and avarice; it grew until it seem to engulf the world in the evil it engendered, and the seeming impunity granted permission to commit horrific evils justified by race, religious creed, nationality; his slippery slope-the me I was/am peeked out from under the covers.

I blog, therefore I am. I wrote that to the Washington Post fellow who asked why bloggers blog.

But for a lot of reasons, perhaps it's time...


  1. The veil of mystery is lifting ....

  2. I so hope and wish that you will NOT have to give up your enjoyment of blogging and reading. It is cathartic and you are loyal and it is SO appreciated all your comments and perceptions and in, more than a sense, I believe WE that share, each of us, become STRONGER and we are attached in a divine way, not a 'its the thing to do way'. But if that IS how we are connected that is alright too, it is still an honor.



Regretfully I've had to update my blog to comment moderation to prevent spamming. LOL, if only the fools knew my blog is seen by a very small and select group-it might help them understand the waste of time it is to spam my blog! Oh well, it's not as though spammers are very bright, after all.