13 May 2006

Oh crikeys, I've done it again. Why in the name of all that is holy can I not just keep my mouth shut?

Why? Because I refuse to live in fear.

Still, I think I may lay off the blogging, and commenting until the fundies are overthrown again, as they always are. I tried to warn my son the pendulum would swing back-it is now, and things are about to become very, very bad.

But then it will swing back, normalcy will reassert itself, dust will settle. I just think things are going to be very, very bad until the dust does settle, and God, help us please, don't let it it "nukelar" dust!

Beware the List Maker...and be very 'ware his master.

I just emailed CNN in response to the question "Should the NSA compile a database...?"

Naturally, my answer was BLOODY HELL NO!

Gods, I am so embarrassed to be an American citizen right now, and I know my late greats are all rolling in their graves at the thought-they gave their lives so that I could live free. There are far too many emails posted on CNN right now saying, "Oh, what's the big deal? We're at war, the government is keeping us safe..."

NO, not just no, but HELL NO! I am a firm believer in the family motto:


Jesus weeps-did he die on the cross for this?

Truly, we are a stiff-necked and stubborn people to think it is right to give up our freedoms for 'safety' - safety from what??????

I prefer to be safe from wondering what my so-called government is up to this time.

But still, is any one listening-the right any one, I mean-not the List Maker...

Mr. Witherspoon-Washington needs you...

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