23 April 2006

Well, it is Sunday again. Wow, this week went by rather quickly. Not bad, though, for my first ever vacation.

I really have had a great time. My co-workers kept asking me where I was going; I replied "No-where." But the truth is that I went to Atlanta:)

So. What I Did On My Spring Vacation, by FoxsMom...

I cleaned the bejeebers out of my room-man! Am I organized now, or what?

I was knocked to my literal knees by a whopping sinus infection-did I mention that one of the things I like about the 20th and 21st centuries is the narrow spectrum antibiotic?

I found out that although my roommate can be at times something of a, um, uh, never mind; what I found out is that when push comes to shove, he is rather dependable. Reassuring, that.

I got my wardrobe sorted out-business casual will no longer confuse or bewilder me!

I did several other personal organizational things.

I'm ready for the business week.

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