28 April 2006

VI-We will not commit murder.

I was taught this Commandment meant that we would not commit murder for profit.

The Lord inscribed the Law on tablets in the written language of the people. The word He used in the Fifth-ratzeh -meant cold blooded/brutal/particularly heinous infliction of termination of physical life. It imparted the knowledge that to take someone's life in an effort to gain materially was an act of serious evil.

I would rail against the dumbing down of the 21st century except we started arguing the meaning early on.

Almost as soon as Moses brought the second set of tablets off of the mountain debate began as to the letter and spirit.

But it is pretty simple.

We accepted the Law; we promised-we won't kill anyone to gain materially.

Now, if you read the Bible, especially the section known as the Old Testament, you know the Israelites were so difficult that God had to clarify. If you need to refresh your memory, try Deuteronomy and Leviticus-hey, you know why people groan about Leviticus? 'Cause in that book God spells it out. No ambiguity there, so there could be no equivocation. You'd think.

Obviously, I love the Law. I have a lot of trouble understand how anyone takes issue with it.

Short, concise. What could be better, easier? What could be a better way to live one's life-the Ten Commandments are universal. How can anyone be offended by them; how can anyone find fault in ten simple rules that if everyone abided by, life would be simple, and fair?

Please note that no-where in the Ten does God say, "You will ONLY be Jewish/Christian?Muslim/whatever..." Please.

Please note that all He asks of us in the Ten is to give credit where due-He brought us "out of bondage, so a little thank-you would be nice but most importantly would you not get yourselves into the same fix with false gods again?

Would you please not abuse my willingness to help you by asking me to hurt someone else on your behalf?

Would you please take a day off to contemplate your navels?

And would you please not tear each other to pieces for money/ox carts/land/political gain/or any other form of gratification that requires you take someone's life in order to take what ever it is they have that you think you should have instead? Please?"

And we said-"Yes."

It's called a covenant/oath/promise/vow...

God is.

I'm sorry that is a problem for someone, because that someone is working overtime to bring about Armageddon in hopes of having company in hell.

That someone has too much help now, during this Time of the Winnowing, and I hurt for the families who are going through so much horror as a consequence of so many choosing to accept the sophist whispers of that someone and thereby becoming that someone's minions.

God gave us a perfect Law. A law everyone could live with.

I believe those who say "Life is not fair" are people with an agenda that does not include the commonweal...and those are the ones who take issue with the Law, because it gets in the way of their agenda.

If after careful consideration, you find you cannot attend a Law that asks you to not worship money and celebrities, or lie, cheat, steal, murder, have promiscuous sex, abandon your parents, or work yourself into an early grave-I think you have some dangerously serious issues.

Ones that make me deeply reluctant to be your neighbour.


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